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We’ve Launched a Clipchamp Chromebook App in the Google Play Store

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At Clipchamp, we’re proud to produce a video editor that empowers Chromebook creators to make videos. Our team understands ease of use is important to everyday editors, so we’ve worked with the team at Google to launch a Clipchamp app that simplifies the video creation workflow on Chromebook devices. It’s available in the Google Play Store now, so let’s jump into how it works.

How to install and use the Clipchamp Chromebook app

Step 1. Find the Clipchamp app in the Google Play Store

In the Google Play Store, search for Clipchamp. You’ll then select the green button to install the app. Alternatively, you can use this link to install it directly on your Chromebook.

Step 2. Login or create a Clipchamp account

Now that you’ve installed the Clipchamp app, it will automatically open. You’ll be prompted to either login to your existing Clipchamp account or create a new one.

Step 3. Start editing with your Clipchamp app

Once you’re logged in to your Clipchamp account, you can begin editing as usual. Simply close the app when you’re done.

Step 4. Open Clipchamp with the shortcut in your Chromebook Launcher 

Next time you want to edit videos using Clipchamp, you won’t need to open a browser. Instead, simply click on the app shortcut that can now be found in your Chromebook app launcher.

Enjoy easier video editing 

That’s it – four simple steps are all you need to install and use our new Chromebook app. To make creating videos even easier, explore our Google Drive integration to upload files from and export finished videos to Google Drive.

Start creating free videos with Clipchamp