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How Creator Joanna Hawley (Jojotastic) built her brand on Pinterest using video 

Posted May 12, 2021
Written by Lana Sciasci

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How Creator Joanna Hawley (Jojotastic) built her brand on Pinterest using video

We’ve recently integrated with Pinterest and become an official Pinterest Partner, allowing you to share videos made in Clipchamp to your Pinterest Business account in an instant. Now that the integration is live, we sat down with a top Pinterest creator and get their thoughts on why video on Pinterest is so important.


Joanna Hawley (@Jojotastic)

Meet Joanna Hawley, otherwise known as Jojotastic; a top Pinterest creator and lifestyle blogger who attracts over 15 million views on Pinterest per month. Known for her interior styling know-how and most recently, her journey renovating an old cabin, her audience has adored the real, raw, and unfiltered approach she takes to showcasing the good, the bad, and everything in between.

“Video is a great way to show more personality. People don’t always know who's creating the content they view, so if I show my face and my personality, my hope is that they have more of a connection with me” the creator said.


For Joanna, being on Pinterest is a no-brainer. It’s a space to categorize and catalog inspiration for all elements of her life and document her journey along the way.    “From a business and content creation standpoint, Pinterest is my number one platform; it always has been, and probably always will be. I am such a visual person so Pinterest immediately felt like the ultimate tool for me. “I used to be the friend that would find a magazine clipping and mail it to a friend. Now it’s just so much easier for me to basically do that, but with a much wider audience that trusts my aesthetic."


The stats speak for themselves! Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch a video, compared to 10% when reading the same message in text.

“Video is so much more eye-catching than a static image in a feed. Your eye automatically goes to movement on a page, which then automatically translates to more views.”

In 2016, as the internet went video-centric, Pinterest introduced a video feature to its previously static platform. Pinners embraced video Pins – a fun, content-rich feature that couldn’t be replicated offline. In fact, video Pins views grew six-fold between 2018 and 2019, and saw a 240 percent increase in video views year over year in 2020.

Now, video Pins are a favorite of creators and businesses alike. For businesses on Pinterest in particular, video offers major opportunities to convert. 85% of weekly US Pinners have made a purchase based on Pins from brands.


Flexible and professional templates for small businesses

Jojotastic Templates Header

As a content creator, Joanna is no stranger to a strong call-to-action, catchy tagline and strategic product placement. When asked to share her top tips on creating engaging Pinterest content, she agreed to create 10 Pinterest optimized templates to help small businesses get started with video and grow their audience.

“The use of a template automatically removes a barrier of complication for me. It also gives me inspiration for other ways to present my content whilst also ensuring I remain on-brand. I can then focus on trimming and cutting my content and getting it live quicker than ever.”

Here are 10 free video templates created by Clipchamp in partnership with Jojotastic to get you started on your Pinterest video journey.

  1. Strapasada Recipe Leave your audience hungry for more. Just like this, promote a step-by-step guide to your favorite home-cooked meals, or jump on a social trend with our pre-made video template designed for recipes.

  2. Brand Aesthetic Wanting to promote your branding course, class or workshop, and take your own brand to the next level in the process? This pre-made and editable video template will do just that!

  3. Summer Reading Stack This pre-made video template is a fun way to showcase the “top 5” of any product.

  4. Top 5 Fall Colours We all know how important colors are to branding, and we also know how quickly trends can change! This pre-made video template showcases the top color trends Joanna Hawley is seeing this season. It's easily editable and can be transformed into any “top 5” to keep you on top of the next trend.

  5. Hobbies/DIY A world of new hobbies and DIY projects were discovered during the global pandemic. Utilize this by promoting your product with this pre-made template showcasing how to become an expert of anything at home.

  6. Butter Cookies Recipe Who doesn’t love a new recipe for a fan favorite? Edit this pre-made video template your spin on a classic and leave your audience excited to try something new!

  7. Small Business Course Looking to promote your small business course but not wanting a stock-standard video ad? Our pre-made template has you covered! It’s a short, sharp and eye-catching introduction into your course, that’ll leave your audience wanting more!

  8. Tips and Tricks A quick and catchy short video ad is sometimes all you need to bring those numbers in. Our pre-made video template does just that, with a catchy headline and swipe to read more feature to promote any course, class, or workshop.

  9. Top 5 Reading Corner Furniture We all know that trends sell. So this “must-have” video template is an easily editable ad to promote and showcase your must-have products to your audience.

  10. Before and After Who doesn’t love a good before and after? Use our pre-made video template to showcase your excitement before and after a reveal and watch those views rise!


These 10 free video templates will take the guesswork out of Pinterest content ideas and get you creating like Jojotastic in no time.

Read more about our Partnership with Pinterest here.

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