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How a digital transformation platform is using Clipchamp to educate professionals

Posted November 10, 2021
Written by Paige Celliers

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    Nicolas Petit - native

    Meet the creator

    Say hello to Nicolas Petit - the Founder and CEO of native™ a platform blending advisory and executive education in the field of digital transformation. native™ helps start-ups, corporate and executives to design their digital strategy, transform their products and business models and accelerate their digital transformation. On a mission to provide their audience with quality content on demand, Nicolas uses video to populate their digital platform with 150+ professional grade educational pieces.

    In this case study, we’ll give you an insight into Nicolas’s journey editing videos with Clipchamp. Specifically, we’ll be unpacking Nicolas’s adoption of video content and the success he’s experienced using it as an effective and time-efficient tool to educate.

    Why video?

    Ensuring their customers and students got the most out of their platform, and their content, was one of the biggest challenges Nicolas faced. This was also the catalyst for native™ requiring a video editing solution. Through the use of video content, native™ can efficiently and professionally educate both students and corporate customers.

    “Video really brings two key benefits. One - incredible convenience for our audience to access quality content on demand and increase recall. And two - stronger audience engagement across our communities, with videos consistently beating all other media vehicles in terms of engagement, recall, activation and referral.”

    Why Clipchamp?

    The ergonomics, simplicity, and overall performance of Clipchamp were the stand-out selling points for Nicolas when choosing a video editing platform. “We are very obsessive about our brand experience, which means we leverage Clipchamp features to include signature branding, soundtrack and unique effects. Creating templates from existing videos and the brand toolkit really changed the game in terms of visual consistency and branding.”

    Ảnh chụp màn hình của ứng dụng Clipchamp nằm trên nền đầy màu sắc. Video được chỉnh sửa trong ứng dụng Clipchamp có dòng chữ "Tạo video của bạn để xem".

    How does your work with Clipchamp benefit your customers?

    Nicolas recognized the power of video held with his business, and by using Clipchamp he was able to quickly achieve a profound competitive advantage over the competition. “The quality of the rendering and the ability to easily edit, share and co-create videos has been hailed by our audience as unique and differentiating. Our audience, both business and education, really enjoy the ability to benefit from professionally edited video content. We’re a small team and we have to be hyper-efficient when delivering new educational or business materials. Clipchamp helps us make sure our audience always gets the best content right on time thanks to its great and easy to use editing tools.”

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    Nicolas's future video predictions

    Video content and the way it’s consumed is ever-evolving, so we asked Nicolas for his predictions of the future of video.

    • The ability to produce and edit content on the go will become critical

    • Business won’t rely on agencies to produce their video content, with platforms like Clipchamp taking over

    • Start-ups will tap into their own creativity and expertise to produce professional and authentic video content

    • Audiences will resonate even more strongly with brands

    Simply put, “video is here to stay”.

    Khách hàng nói trước camera để đưa ra lời chứng thực - hình ảnh khái niệm

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