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What is 2k video resolution?

Posted May 19, 2021
Written by Clipchamp

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If you're starting your video production journey, knowing the different resolution types is a key starting point.

Let's take an HD look into 2K resolution!

Wait, why is screen resolution important? 

Screen resolution is the measurement of clarity for images and text onscreen. For most, the higher the resolution means for a more vivid viewing experience. 

Screen resolution is measured in pixels per inch (PPI). In theory, the more pixel information provided on-screen will result in a crisper image. The human eye translates this as "higher quality".

Larger pixels are typically at risk for "stretching" and "warping" the image if the image is projected at a size that is too large. The smaller the pixel, the cleaner the detail

Typically, the higher the resolution, the larger the file size. This is an important consideration to make when video editing. 

What is 2K resolution? 

A camera that shoots in 2K resolution films images by at least 2000 horizontal pixels by 1080 vertical pixels. Also known as "cinema resolution," 2K is a high-resolution standard for motion pictures. These images are usually captured at 2048x1080 pixels, though the horizontal pixel quantity may vary based on the aspect ratio: 

  • 2K HDTV aspect ratio - 2048 x 1152 pixels

  • 2K Academy ratio - 2048 x 1536 pixels

Consumers will often refer to the resolutions 2K and 1080p interchangeably; however, they are each their own class of resolution. Compared to the standard 1080p resolution, 2K is a visual upgrade.

When shooting in 2K, you're able to zoom in or capture additional detail while displaying on a large screen. On most projects, the color and image quality of 2K resolution should be sharper than video in a lower resolution. Here's 2K in action:

It also offers a lot of flexibility for filmmakers with particular image preferences and budgetary constraints. 

2K resolution is also known as "1440p" or "Quad HD" (QHD) in the manufacturing and marketing of monitors and their native resolution. A monitor may be referred to as QHD because it is four times the amount of pixels as 720p-- a widescreen resolution. Depending on the specifications of the product, it's common to see 2K monitors being marketed as both 1440p and 2K QHD. 

What are some 2K video recording tools?

Videos developed for 2K are typically very portable and lightweight.

Available cameras with 2K capabilities include:

  • Xiaomi Yi Camera

  • SJCAM M10+ Plus Camera

  • HDRAS20 2K Action Camera 

These are great cameras for photography, independent film recording, and for those who are getting started with creating YouTube videos.

They are typically very affordable high-definition cameras and are a great place to start when learning about video production standards. 

Create and edit your 2K video

So, what is 2K resolution? Simply put, it is a great starting point for high-definition cinematic content creation.

If you're a movie buff and looking to produce films that follow industry standards, it's worth getting familiar with this resolution. 

Do you have a 2k project you're finally ready to edit? Just drag, drop and edit your video for free in minutes with Clipchamp.

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