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Best mics for every YouTube video category

Updated July 12, 2022
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Image of different types of microphones with the YouTube logo.

Looking for the best microphone for your YouTube videos? Deciding on the perfect YouTube microphone depends on the genre of video you’re creating. Read on to explore microphones that are best suited for popular YouTube video categories. 

Top 3 types of mics

Sound quality audio is essential to any YouTube video, as it can increase watch time and keep viewers engaged for longer. So choosing the best mic for your YouTube content can make or break a video. Let’s look at the top 3 types of microphones YouTube creators typically use.

Dynamic mics 

Dynamic mics are perfect for recording videos with high sound pressure levels or live settings with noisy environments. They’re great for creators who need to cut out background noise.

Condenser mics

Condenser mics are ideal for creators who want to record vocals and high frequencies as they offer superior sound quality. They’re smaller in size and weight compared to dynamic mics. A lavalier mic and shotgun microphone can typically be dynamic or condenser. 

Ribbon mics

Ribbon mics pick up and listen to sounds similar to your ears, making them perfect for instrumentals, vocals, and everyday use. 

The best mics for your YouTube video genre

1. Best microphone for vlogs

Minimalize background noise in daily and travel vlogs using a dynamic or condenser microphone. Attaching a shotgun microphone to your camera or a lavalier mic to your shirt will only pick up on the vocals, even in noisy environments like fast-paced traffic, windy backgrounds, and loud talking.

2. Best microphone for live stream and gaming videos

A condenser mic with a pop filter like the Blue Yeti mic will be perfect for producing crisp audio. Achieving broadcast quality sound when recording YouTube live streams and gaming videos is a top priority for creators.

3. Best microphone for video podcasts

Any condenser or dynamic mic like an XLR mic is perfect for video podcasts as they pick up sound in detail. High-quality audio equipment for YouTube video podcasts is essential for creating entertaining content.

4. Best microphone for explainer and demo videos

A condenser mic with a USB connection for easy plug-and-play will be perfect for creating an explainer video or product demo video.  We recommend using a high-quality Rode NT-USB on a mic stand to capture the best sound possible.

5. Best microphone for interview videos

Lavalier mics are the perfect discreet, wireless, and hands-free dynamic mic for all interviews because they’re close to the sound source. From carpool interviews to Zoom and Teams interviews, conversational and relatable content is viral on YouTube. But without the best wireless mic, interview videos can be hard to listen to.

6. Best microphone for ASMR videos

Any condenser microphone will capture bidirectional, cardioid, omnidirectional, and stereo sound suitable for ASMR YouTube videos. All ASMR videos have one thing in common, a quality microphone to enhance their videos. The Blue Yeti USB microphone records sound in multiple patterns, letting creators control the direction of where the sounds are coming from.

7. Best microphone for lifestyle and beauty videos

Lifestyle videos require a good quality condenser or dynamic microphone. From makeup and skincare tutorials to fashion hauls and home decor hacks, a simple mic and a lavalier microphone are great options as they don’t need a mic stand.

8. Best microphone for videos without showing your face

Ribbon mics are perfect for creators playing a musical instrument or singing as they’re always a ‘figure 8’ bidirectional pickup pattern. Create a professional studio ambient with a ribbon mic. YouTube genres like creative animation, how-to, music, orchestra, and fitness videos keep your identity a secret but still require a good microphone.

Frequently asked questions

Is the Blue Yeti mic the best one for YouTube recording?

The Blue Yeti mic is one of the best and most popular mics for YouTube, whether you’re a beginner or professional. The microphone offers high-quality sound recording, includes a mic stand, and has various versions to suit any budget.

What is the best wireless mic for YouTube?

We recommend the Rode wireless Go II as the best wireless mic for YouTube as it’s incredibly versatile for any content creator.

Is purchasing a mic for your YouTube videos necessary?

No. Creators don’t need to buy an external mic for YouTube if your recording device has a built-in microphone.

Is the built-in computer microphone good for YouTube?

Yes. A computer or laptop microphone can be sufficient depending on the content you're creating. Clipchamp’s online webcam recorder has a built-in microphone suitable for YouTube video quality.

Record YouTube videos with the best microphone

Whether you’re creating how-to, gaming, or video podcasts, find the best mic to suit your YouTube genre. Record YouTube videos with great quality audio, then edit and share directly to YouTube with Clipchamp’s free online video editor.

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