Careers at Clipchamp

Help shape the future of video creation on the web

Our mission is to enable everyone to create great videos. Whether it’s for educational, promotional, or communication purposes, we’re all about making it incredibly easy to create videos with impact.

Our Values

We are bold and humble

What we do is hard and what we’re trying to achieve is audacious. We love challenges and when we get there we look back with pride and challenge ourselves more.

We are curious and generous

Our passion is learning. We can’t wait to adapt new technologies or learn about new methods or processes. We’re equally passionate about sharing what we’ve learned, taking new colleagues on a wild ride.

We are honest and forgiving

Truth will ultimately prevail and we make our lives easier by defaulting to the truth straight away. Mistakes are opportunities to learn for the individual and the team and we treat them as such.

We are resourceful and unambiguous

Every person in our team solves problems. If we’re confronted with a problem that proves too challenging, we seek help by explaining the problem clearly to others.

We are reliable and dependable

We take ownership of topics and areas and we deliver. We work with others to complete our own deliverables and we contribute to deliverables of others.

We are passionate and energising

What we do stretches the limits of what people thought could be done in browsers. We can’t wait to stretch the limits even further and we can’t wait to get to work.

We are empathetic and pragmatic

At the core of what we do are people, whether it’s the team, customers or partners. We understand their problems and work on solutions for them. We’re pragmatic about it, tackling problems of large cohorts of people first.

We are agile and focussed

Nothing is more humbling that developing and releasing product in short cycles and learning what people around the world do with it. We learn and adapt from this feedback to continuously refine how we achieve our vision fastest.

Our Vision - Building a World-leading Platform for Video Creators

Our vision is an end-to-end, beautiful and easy to use video production platform. Our team is working hard on turning this vision into reality and as a company we’re working hard on making it as easy as possible for our team to do so every single day.

We’re done when people at scale think about Clipchamp when they want to create a video.

What we have to offer


It’s crucial for us to get a job done. We’re really flexible on when and where. You’ll chose how to be productive.


An office is so much more than a functional space. We think ours is pretty cool. You’ll feel at home.

Social Events

We’re a pretty social bunch with regular company retreats and gatherings. You’ll love it.

Rockstar Team

We’re on a wild ride with a high-profile team. You’ll learn a lot.

Equal Opportunities

We’re about diversity and equal opportunity. You’ll fit right in the way you are.

The Next Perk

We’re a young company and are still shaping our culture. Watch this list grow or even better, contribute to it once you’ve started.

We are Growing. Apply today to join our amazing team.

We are looking for new team members in software engineering, design and growth. If our mission, vision and values excite you don’t hesitate to apply today!

Open Positions


Senior Frontend Software Engineer

Brisbane, Australia

Angular 2+ (or similar SPA framework), frontend unit testing, CSS+ pre-processors, PWA, HTML5. CS or similar degree, 5+ years of development experience

Click here to learn more and apply!


Lead Digital Product Designer

Brisbane or Sydney, Australia

Play an integral role, via both leadership and ‘on the tools’ responsibilities, to help define the design team’s success across product, marketing and brand. Design degree, 5+ years of design experience

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Senior Digital Product Manager

Brisbane or Sydney, Australia

Jira, strong understanding of software engineering, design, and growth, strong people skills, strong understanding of video industry

Click here to learn more and apply!


Frontend Software Engineer

Brisbane, Australia

Angular 2+ (or similar SPA framework), frontend unit testing, CSS+ pre-processors, PWA, HTML5. CS or similar degree, 2+ years of development experience

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Digital Product Designer / UX Designer

Brisbane or Sydney, Australia

Strong digital product designer, helps users get the most out of our products by working on both the finer, pixel-perfect UI and UX principles using modern design and prototyping tools, 2+ years of design experience

Click here to learn more and apply!


Senior Growth Developer & Designer

Brisbane or Sydney, Australia

Strong frontend development skills, strong design skills, fast-paced all-rounder, analytical enough to appreciate the value of stats

Link to application system coming soon



Brisbane, Australia

Strong people person, strong understanding of channels to tech talent, effective communicator, strong process person, hands-on, keeps many balls in the air without breaking a sweat


T-Shaped Marketer

Brisbane, Australia

Technical, creative marketer, understands frontend, analytics, design, psychology, can execute campaigns fast, fast-paced all-rounder

Link to application system coming soon


Senior Software Engineer

Brisbane, Australia

Strong low-level programming skills, C, Assembler, signal processing, ideally ffmpeg, OpenGL. Must have CS or similar degree, 5+ years of development experience

Link to application system coming soon

Ready to Apply?

Changing your career is a big move and we understand that. We have designed a transparent process to help you and us understand whether we’re meant for one another. At every step in the process we’ll provide feedback to you, so you know exactly where we’re at.

How does our recruitment process work?

1. Online application

In each open position description you’ll find a link to an online system to apply. Please use this link and system to apply for a particular role.

2. Phone interview

You’ll have a first friendly phone call with one of our founders. We want to make sure we understand what motivates you and that you are comfortable with us.

3. Technical call

In a second phone interview you’ll be talking to an expert in your area. You can ask any subject matter question and we’ll learn more about your skills and expertise.

4. Challenge

We’ll send you a challenge and will give you a few days to complete it. We understand this is a commitment from you and commit back by giving you detailed feedback.

5. Onsite Interview

We’ll invite you in, you’ll be meeting the team and we’ll run you through a series of short interviews with different stakeholders.

6. References

We’ll talk to a number of people who have worked with you in the past to learn more about what it’s like to work with you.

7. Offer

We’ll make you an offer you…

8. Onboarding

Once you accept the offer and before your first day we’ll set the wheels in motion to get you set up and the logistics in place for a comfortable start. Once you’ve started we’ll help you get up to speed as quickly as possible.

Want to find out more?

Get in touch with us if you have any questions about working at Clipchamp

Any questions? Send us a message to or if you’re in Brisbane, feel free to drop by our offices in the Queensland Startup Precinct! We’re on Level 3 in the hipster startup space with the brick and plywood walls, you can’t miss it 🙂