Digital Product Designer / UX Designer

At Clipchamp we have a simple mission: help everyone to become a creator of awesome video content.

We’re looking for a Lead Product Designer to join us – someone with key focus on the end user who is no stranger to working across design, strategy, and research. You deeply value digging into the “why?” before defining the “what” and “how”.

As a Clipchamp designer, you know the difference between good and great work. You practice design excellence by not only delivering best practices, but also by exploring new territory to continually refine your approach. It should go without saying, but you go above and beyond to understand user behaviour, solve problems, and design products and experiences that people love to use.


You should be

  • experienced, with two to five years in product design / UX design or a related field
  • always up to date on the latest industry developments
  • very strong in executing a design strategy, continuously producing high quality designs fast
  • informed by a deep understanding of end-to-end digital product design processes from journey mapping, information architecture, wireframing and prototyping, to user testing and the value of written content
  • comfy working in a startup environment (a.k.a with incomplete briefs, overtime, unpredictability, urgency and the need for initiative that comes with it)
  • strong on soft-skills: you’ll be working with developers on a daily basis and you are pragmatic enough to constantly balance what’s ideal with what’s realistic
  • analytical enough to trust data and let facts influence your designs
  • proficient with current design tools and platforms
  • a people person and a great communicator – you can pitch and rationalise without breaking a sweat (internally and externally)


You are

  • all about product / experience design
  • comfortable in product-centric organisations
  • well-versed in dev processes


You love

  • working with people in particular with other designers, developers and growth hackers
  • being curious and gaining insights that help you design better
  • honesty
  • getting things done, now, the fast lane, no bureaucracy, idleness is boring
  • an ambitious environment than continuously challenges you
  • looking forward and tackling a challenge rather than looking backwards and debating what-ifs


You know how to use

  • Sketch, Invision and Zeplin
  • Creative Suite
  • After Effects, Framer, Flinto or Principle are optional but favourable


About us

At the heart of everything we do is the desire to make working with video easy for people all over the globe.

When we first started, we had created a simple way to compress any video file to a fraction of its original size. So much has happened since then but our vision remains the same: make video easy.

As the most popular type of content on the web, video is also the most time consuming and challenging to create. We’re proud to say that’s what we’ve changed – our products enable anyone to create great video. We’ve signed up over 5 million registered users in the last 24 months and with your help we’ll accelerate growth.



Based in Brisbane, you’ll be working within the product team on our new in-browser video editor. We’re located in Qld’s startup precinct, alongside River City Labs and many exciting ventures, startups & companies.


Sound exciting?

Come join us! We look forward to hearing from you.