Software Engineer

At Clipchamp we have a simple mission: help everyone to become a creator of awesome video content.

We’re looking for a Software Engineer to join us – someone with key focus on algorithmic knowledge, back-end technologies and devops practices. You deeply value depth and breadth of knowledge, attention to detail and teamwork in our development team.

As a Clipchamp Software Engineer, you are excited about us building a technically challenging application rather than a website. You strive for excellence by not only delivering high quality code, but also by continually looking to improve practices that improve development efficiency and output. You are more interested in doing something properly than to keep fixing it.


You have

  • A university degree in computer science, physics, maths or similar. Degrees in civil engineering, data science, statistics, other natural sciences are good as well if accompanied with strong coding skills
  • 2+ years professional experience in software engineering
  • Strong emphasis on quality, experiences with DevOps
  • Skills and experiences in software architecture
  • Demonstrated development experience with C, Assembler, signal processing- ideally ffmpeg, OpenGL
  • Always up to date on the latest industry developments


You are

  • Both a thinker and doer: you strike a pragmatic balance between thinking a problem through and executing the results of a thought process
  • Comfy working in a startup environment (a.k.a with incomplete briefs, overtime, unpredictability, urgency and the need for initiative that comes with it)
  • Strong on soft-skills: you’re flexible, objective and pragmatic, with an ability to lead discussions, implement new methods, surface and resolve disagreements
  • Excited about shipping working software that solves problems of millions of people in every country of the world weekly or fortnightly


You love

  • Working with people in particular with designers, other developers and growth hackers
  • Being curious and gaining insights that help you developer better, faster and with higher quality
  • Honesty
  • Getting things done, now, the fast lane, no bureaucracy, idleness is boring
  • An ambitious environment than continuously challenges you
  • Looking forward and tackling a challenge rather than looking backwards and debating what-ifs
  • Software quality and all practices that help maximising quality so that development speed can be accelerated, agility can be maintained and users consistently experience properly working software
  • Agility, because not everything can always be tested and verified upfront and once you give something to a lot of users their behaviour is not always as expected
  • Maxing out what browsers can do, that’s what we’re about. We were told you can’t build a video editing platform in the browser including encoding the final video, and we still did


About us

At the heart of everything we do is the desire to make working with video easy for people all over the globe.

When we first started, we had created a simple way to compress any video file to a fraction of its original size. So much has happened since then but our vision remains the same: make video easy.

As the most popular type of content on the web, video is also the most time consuming and challenging to create. We’re proud to say that’s what we’ve changed – our products enable anyone to create great video. We’ve signed up over 5 million registered users in the last 24 months and with your help we’ll accelerate growth.



We’re located in Qld’s startup precinct, alongside River City Labs and many exciting ventures, startups & companies.


Sound exciting?

Come join us! We look forward to hearing from you.