Convert - Record - Edit - Compress

Amazingly Convenient

Our in-browser video converter converts any video to MP4, WebM, WMV or FLV. It works with a wide range of input formats without installing any software.

Our built-in video recorder lets you record clips with your webcam. Upload recordings to Google Drive or save them to your computer. It’s private and secure.

Our video compressor shrinks file sizes of videos you already have or video recordings you make with Clipchamp. It’s great for faster saving & sharing.

Our video editor allows you to trim, crop, mirror or rotate videos. You can also change brightness, saturation and contrast. It's simple to make it look great.

I love it. I'm so happy with this! Thanks a million. I am so glad I tried it and have used it twice now to compress a video. I can't get over how wonderful and easy it is! THANK YOU!!!!

With this being my first time ever using or trying to use a video recorder I thought for sure I was going to get stressed out and give up. Fortunately this wonderful app made it so easy, it did all the work for me.

Fantastic tool! I use it to convert videos to a format that plays perfectly on my Chromebook's default video player.


Here is what’s included

Signing up to the Clipchamp Video Converter, Video Recorder, Video Editor and Video Compressor is free and provides you access to its conversion, recording, compression, editing, saving and sharing features. Start your free account, which includes 5 videos per month. You can upgrade to Unlimited videos and get access to Pro features in the Business Plan.

Benefits you won’t find anywhere else

Clipchamp runs inside the browser, there is nothing to install or download.
The app accepts input files of any size, large or small without restrictions.
Videos get processed locally, no need to slowly upload them to an online video converter first.
Videos are secure and private. Clipchamp never has access to your files while they get converted, compressed, and recorded.

You don’t need to be a video expert to use it

Our Convert/Record/Edit/Compress product is the best alternative to existing online and offline options. It combines the best of both worlds without the downsides. Just create videos in three easy steps, then save and share as you like.

Easily edit your videos


Edit videos in Clipchamp without slowly uploading them to an online video editor. Select or record a video, then use all editing features for free. Editing tools include trimming, cropping, flipping/mirroring, rotating and adjusting of color, brightness & the saturation of videos.


Start today

Start with the free plan - process up to 5 videos per month. Get unlimited videos and premium features in the Business plan.

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Powerful video tools for your desktop computer

The Clipchamp video tools for personal use are available in your browser on laptops and desktops. Click the link above to send yourself a reminder to use them next time you're at your desktop computer.

Discover other products

Clipchamp API & WordPress Plugin


Embed Clipchamp on your website. Receive videos from your users and website visitors. Add video conversion, compression, recording and uploading to your website. Reduce transcoding costs and save on server-side processing infrastructure while retaining your users’ privacy.


Clipchamp Video Request


Collect video files right into your YouTube channel or Google Drive account. Create a short link in two minutes & share it with the world. Anyone can send you a video using the link you share with them. They can record a video or send an existing file.