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Whether you’re creating videos for your marketing campaign, social media, explainer video, product demo, or customer testimonial, Clipchamp’s easy to use video maker will help you create amazing videos with complete freedom in minutes.

Don’t pour hours into learning a confusing tool or spend thousands hiring the editing guy. Clipchamp has an easy to use video maker to help you create engaging content.

There are professional text overlays and motion titles for you to drag-and-drop, beautiful filters to make your videos color perfect. You can customize for your brand colors, fonts and use our stock library of 100k+ video and audio assets, completely free.


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The 9 most effective types of Marketing Videos you should create

1. Brand video

Typically part of a large advertising campaign to increase your brand awareness, this is generally high up in the marketing funnel. The goal of this marketing video content is to maximize eyeballs, not necessarily converting into sales straight away. Although any good brand campaign will translate into sales given enough time and the right strategy lower in the funnel.

2. Product demo video

A picture paints a thousand words, a good video shows a thousand pictures. Any good landing page nowadays should showcase your product in a demonstration video, it’s a sure way to increase your conversion rate. Use demo videos to showcase the main benefits of your product straight away, it can be a sleek animation or a lo-fi (also low cost!) unboxing video shot on your phone.

3. Social media video

This is the most common type of marketing video. Pro-tip: create these in square or vertical formats. Social content is mostly consumed via mobile and square and vertical videos have a lot more real estate on your phone. They should be short (no longer than 3 minutes), and entertaining.

4. Video slideshow

They’re a great way to summarise long form content pieces such as blog articles or case studies into bite sized content and help amplify your content distribution across different channels. Video slideshows make it easy to share your content via YouTube and social media instead of restricting it to your own website, blog or Medium.

5. Customer testimonial video

Once again a mid funnel tactic, when someone is on your website or landing page, the most important thing after demonstrating the benefits of your product and services is gaining trust. There’s no better way to gain trust than showcasing raving reviews from happy customers. And out of all the forms of reviews, video is by far the most impactful.

6. How-to video

How to videos, tutorials or educational content are fantastic ways to engage with your target market and keep your customers happy. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on expensive equipment – simply shoot a tutorial on your phone and quickly edit and cut using a video marketing tool like Clipchamp Create. If you’re showing software or web content, you can screencast to record what happens on screen.

7. Live-streaming

Live-streaming has come a long way, it’s great if you want to broadcast your events to the world where you wouldn’t be able to normally. A lot of smart marketers and business owners use live-streaming of events to better engage with their followers and customers through the form of Q&A. A really good thing about live-streaming is you can repurpose the content however you want after the event.

8. Event highlights

As mentioned before, you can repurpose live content down the track, to extend the lifespan of a live event, you can create highlights and use the content for engagement, lead magnet, or a welcome series to your email list. You can use this to promote future events too.

9. Expert interviews

Everyone at your company (yourself included) is an expert in something, getting internal experts or industry influencers on a short interview will help your company establish brand authority and trust with your target audience.

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