Webcam Recorder & Video Uploader for WordPress

Let your users record with their webcam directly on your WordPress blog or website.

They can also upload existing video files to you.


Modern WordPress video recording

Add a video recorder to posts & pages

Embed a video collection widget by simply adding the [ clipchamp ] shortcode to posts and pages. Based on our HTML5 video API, our plugin brings modern video recording, transcoding and uploading to your WP projects.

Consistent Quality. No Flash. No WebRTC.

Your users don't need to have Flash enabled to record videos - it's unsafe and blocked by default by many browsers. You also don't need to set up any WebRTC or streaming-server solution where recording quality depends on your users' internet bandwidth.

No coding required unless you want to

There is no need to touch the code of your site to use or modify the plugin unless you require the use of some expert features. The most common options are all available in the plugin's settings in the WP admin area.

Works with page builders and on multilingual sites

The page you're on was created with Beaver Builder. We're also using the WPML multi-language plugin. Our video recorder works on WP pages built with these popular tools and runs on sites that are using other themes and template engines.

Guided installation for easy setup

When you install the video plugin in the WP marketplace, we'll guide you through a few simple steps to get up and running quickly. The plugin comes with a free 14-day trial and there's no credit card required to register and test it. For an overview, see our installation tutorial.

"Your site, product functionality and help pages are just awesome - and I’m sure I’m just scratching the surface!"

Owner, EtsyMarketingTool

Unique features to fit every video collection use case

Receive webcam recordings

Users can record videos directly on your website at 360p, 480p, 720p or 1080p, depending on what's supported by their webcam or phone camera.

Collect smaller files faster

Our plugin compresses video files on the user device before they get uploaded, resulting in much faster uploads. You control the compression level.

Control the video format

Videos that your users submit on your site get uploaded in a format that you can choose in the plugin's settings. Format options include MP4 (the most suitable for most projects), WebM, FLV and WMV/ASF. Webcam recordings are uploaded as MP4 or WebM.

Privacy for you and your users

Videos get submitted directly to your Cloud storage from your users' devices without going through Clipchamp servers. We never have access to the files thanks to our clever tech, protecting your and your users' privacy.

Receive other video files

In addition to webcam recordings, users can optionally also upload videos to you that they already have on their device, both from desktop and mobile.

Get streaming-ready videos

Video files that you receive through our plugin are streaming-ready. This means that they're ready for playback without any further server-side transcoding.

Receive videos to your Cloud storage

Receive user videos straight to your YouTubeGoogle DriveDropboxAWS S3 or MS Azure accounts or the WordPress Media Gallery. Available upload targets depend on the Clipchamp API plan you subscribe to at the end of the trial phase.

Adjust branding & styling

Adjust the plugin's branding elements and choose from a number of free UI themes - the demo button on this page is using our dark UI theme. Advanced users can add their own CSS stylesheet and add JavaScript code for custom behaviour.

See how it works

The page you are currently on is based on WordPress.

We embedded our plugin to the right by adding the [ clipchamp ] shortcode to this section of the page.

Its branding, style and other options can be adjusted to fit your requirements. The slideshow below shows screenshots of available UI themes.

Click the button to see a demo of the video plugin's UI, recording and uploading process.

All test videos you submit here get uploaded to a temporary folder in our S3 account and will get deleted.

"Protecting our users’ privacy is critical to us. We wanted a solution that didn't involve sending their sensitive data such as video files to a third party for processing. Clipchamp's HTML5 video camera and its direct upload from the client to our cloud storage fit the bill perfectly."

Adrian Graham, Co-Founder

"Their video ingest API is on the cutting edge. We’re able to receive fully transcoded video files directly to our cloud storage without the need to transcode them on our own servers. Clipchamp is the Holy Grail of video transcoding!"

Hayden Kerr, CEO

"Clipchamp's JavaScript webcam is trouble-free, which continues to make our students and teachers happy. We’re thankful for all the positive feedback we’ve received from our users because of this feature. Solid proof that Clipchamp was the right solution for our needs."

Eda Gimenez, Director of Business Development

"Working with the Clipchamp team has been a great experience. Once support was needed they offered competent help and answers within hours."

Michael Liebs, CTO

Get your WordPress video recorder & uploader

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Video capturing via your WordPress website


Collect Video Testimonials - Video is changing the way e-commerce websites showcase their products. Clipchamp simplifies the process of collecting customer feedback by allowing businesses to receive and upload video testimonials directly from shoppers via your website.


Gather projects & student videos - Clipchamp lets educational organisations collect learner-generated video from students to revolutionise the traditional classroom dynamic, encourage peer-to-peer learning, and help introduce game-based learning mechanisms to the schooling journey.


Receive Video Resumes - they provide the opportunity for recruiters to see the candidate they are dealing with and gain valuable information which cannot normally be determined from reading a written résumé such as professionalism, preparedness and communication skills.


Execute Promotional Campaigns - no media format has the potential to go viral like video. With our WordPress video plugin you can let your customers and fans publish their own videos to your website for your specific marketing contents initiatives such as campaigns, competitions and promotions.