localization: object

Default value: undefined

A table of strings that are available for localization. Use it to adjust all user-facing elements of the API to appear in the language of your website if it is not English. Note that you can also use these strings to blank out text snippets you don’t want to show to your users at all.

strings: object

Default value: undefined

A key-value mapping for providing string localization. See the string localization table for a list of keys and their default values which can be used as a guide for translation. If a key is omitted, it will retain its default value. PLEASE NOTE: New strings may be added as new features are implemented.

String ID Default value
btn_cancel_upload Cancel Upload
btn_close Close
btn_record_again Record again
btn_record_video Record Video
btn_retry Try again
btn_select_file Select File
btn_select_or_drop_file Select or Drop File
btn_try_again Try again
bummer Bummer
confirm_close Caution: Your video will be lost, click OK to confirm
confirm_leave Your video has not yet finished uploading, if you leave now the process will be canceled.
download Download
drop_video_here Drop your video here.
err_processing couldn’t be processed
err_upload couldn’t be uploaded
err_video_filename doesn’t look like a video file
err_video_probe could not be determined to be a video
err_video_transcode failed to compress
failure_because It appears we’re here because
failure_count Failures
failure_meanwhile Meanwhile
failure_partial_because file(s) failed to process, and it appears
failure_partial_however However
failure_preview Could not extract preview image.
failure_upload We were unable to upload your video, this might be due to a loss in network connectivity. Would you like to try again?
first_use First use, loading transcoder module
not_now Not now
ooops Ooops
outdated_browser_info You are using an outdated version of
outdated_browser_link For best performance, download the latest version.
please_wait Please wait
record_is_not_supported We’re sorry, video recording is unfortunately not supported by your browser
record_unavailable Unavailable
something_went_wrong something went terribly wrong, we’re trying our darndest to figure out why.
submit_video Submit Video
task_finalize Finalizing
task_retry Retrying
task_transcode Preparing
task_upload Uploading
task_validate Analyzing
thank_you Thank you!
time_remaining Remaining:
video_uploaded Your video has been uploaded.
webcam_allow Please allow us to enable your webcam
webcam_camera Camera
webcam_cancel Cancel
webcam_default_camera Default camera
webcam_default_mic Default microphone
webcam_loading Loading
webcam_microphone Microphone
webcam_one_moment One moment
webcam_ooops Ooops, something went wrong
webcam_postproc Post processing …
webcam_rec_continue Continue Recording
webcam_rec_finish Finish Recording
webcam_rec_space_to_toggle Press ‘Space Bar’ to toggle record/pause
webcam_rec_start Start Recording
webcam_res_hi High Definition
webcam_res_lo Low Definition
webcam_res_std Standard Definition
webcam_still_loading we\’re still loading …