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Join us and shape the future of video

Clipchampions empower everyone to become a creator of awesome video content.

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Why Clipchamp?

At Clipchamp, our work has a real-time impact on over 8M people and counting from basically everywhere except Antartica. We’re transforming the way people create and we're only just getting started!

Our values

Be bold.

No idea is too crazy, too ambitious or too “out there”. Clipchampions are radical thinkers who are always eager to challenge the status quo.

Stay curious.

At Clipchamp, we check egos at the door! We value questions, crave feedback and are always exploring new ways to understand the world.

Growth mindsets matter.

Learning is at the core of everything we do. We’re obsessed with developing our skill sets and flipping our mistakes into opportunities for growth.

Model human goodness.

We’re a team that our users depend on and in turn we depend on each other. We do this by exercising empathy, humility, reliability, honesty, inclusion, forgiveness and respect (just to name a few!).

Love what you do.

Passion is energy. That’s what we have! Loving what we do allows us to wake up each day excited to get the job done.

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Life @ Clipchamp

Flexible work culture

And we mean it! There's no one watching the clock when you rock up, it's simply against our grain. We encourage you to work how you work best through flexible working hours and generous leave structures.

Custom-ordered equipment

We’re empowering everyone to create video so at clipchamp we empower you to order whatever helps you do your best work.

Salary-sacrifice options

We offer salary-sacrifice options to provide flexibility with the way your salary is handled and help you align with your personal financial goals.

Great city location

Sandwiched between the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast, our office is nestled in the Brisbane CBD where you’re never too far away from a good cup of coffee or lunch spot. 

Accessible transport

It’s a real-life “choose your own adventure”. We’re just a short walk from major bus stops, car parks and train stations.

Secure bike racks & showers

If cycling is more your speed, then you can take advantage of our secure bike racks and in-house showers with towel service.

Snack station

Clipchampions do love food, so we always keep our snack station fully stocked and have fresh fruit delivered every week.

Global impact

There’s never any guesses about what work will actually reach our users, it all does. You can be confident that your work will have an impact on the product and our 8 million global user base.

Retreats & team events

Clipchampions love to celebrate from our staple Friday beers to trivia & game nights, some pretty epic parties and our annual retreat

See us in action!

Find us on Instagram: @clipchampions

What clipchampions are saying

Software Engineer

I feel like I am contributing to something bigger here. On my first day I had already made a change that was deployed to thousands of people.

Sr. Software Engineer

I enjoy actually having influence on the decisions that are being made. You can bring up your own opinions and see your suggestions be explored and implemented.

Head of Product

It’s rewarding to know you’re building a company and product that people love.

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How we hire

We’re firm believers that the hiring process should be transparent to help you focus on what matters: getting to know us and us getting to know you.

Step 1

Getting to know you

We understand that your time is precious so you can expect a Clipchampion to give you a call to discuss your experience and achievements. We'll make sure to let you in on all the details about what to expect as you progress.

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Step 2

Let's see you in action

Begone riddles and psychometric tests, we want to see you in your element! Our next step is providing a position-specific challenge for you to tackle in your own time. The challenge is designed to be a realistic glimpse into the sort of work you’ll be doing at Clipchamp and for us to get an understanding of your unique strategic approach.

Step 3

Meeting our team

We only achieve our ambitious goals because we’re a team. It’s central to who we are. So we believe it’s important that you get to meet the people you’ll be working with. We do this through a series of short interviews with the folks you’re bound to be running into on the daily. It’s an opportunity to get a feel for our culture and at this point we hope you’ll be excited to join us in our journey as we create, what we think to be, a truly incredible video platform.

Häufig gestellte Fragen

  • What does the interview process look like?

    In the first step, you can expect a Clipchamp recruiter to give you a call which is designed to determine whether we’re a mutual fit. It’s an opportunity to learn more about Clipchamp, as well as highlight your experience and achievements and how they are best suited to the role.

    For engineering candidates, our next step is a technical phone interview, giving you a chance to chat with one of our developers while working through a coding exercise. For roles outside of engineering, we provide a position-specific challenge for you to tackle in your own time. The challenge is designed to be a realistic glimpse into the sort of work you’ll be doing at Clipchamp. 

    The final stage involves an onsite interview which serves as an opportunity to get to know your potential team as well as get a feel for our culture. At this point, we hope you’ll be excited to join us in our journey as we create, what we think to be, a truly incredible video platform.

  • I’m interested in working for Clipchamp, but don’t see a job that fits my skill level. Can I still apply?

    Yes! We’re flattered that we’ve sparked your interest and would love to know how you feel your unique experience would be valuable to our team. Feel free to shoot us a message at careers@clipchamp.com. Whilst we might not have the right opportunity available right now, we can kickstart a conversation and get in touch as our needs evolve.

  • How can I prepare for engineering interviews?

    Your first interview is an opportunity for you to learn more about us and for us to get an understanding of your technical background. We don’t expect you to prepare for this, other than if you have a few questions you’d like to ask. 

    In the next steps, you’ll be required to write working code in the programming language of your choice. We encourage you to refresh up on computer science principles, with a focus on performance, concurrency and scalability. The goal is to understand your knowledge of the trade-offs when building software and how that aligns with the exciting challenges our engineers tackle on the daily. 

  • I interviewed/applied already and wasn’t selected, can I reapply?

    Yes, however, we ask that you wait a year - to gain additional experience - before you reapply.

  • How much experience do I need to qualify for an internship?

    We’re on the lookout for students and recent graduates that possess a demonstrated interest in their chosen field.

    You must be hungry to learn and grow within a fast-paced startup environment regardless of commercial work experience. You can apply for internships in Engineering, Design and HR, which are structured in a way that allows you to work part-time as you manage a full (or partial) course load.

    If this is all sounding like your kind of adventure, please apply through the Students / Graduates portal on our careers page, or send us an email at careers@clipchamp.com.

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