About Vikas Kalwani

Vikas Kalwani is a product-led growth hacker and B2B Marketing Specialist skilled in SEO, Content Marketing, and Social Media Marketing. He works at uSERP and is a mentor at 500 Startups.

Articles by Vikas Kalwani

How to repurpose company presentation videos

May 15, 2022
Are you looking to make the most out of your presentation videos? Employees, managers…

How to feature user-generated videos in your small business marketing

November 24, 2021
If your marketing strategy includes producing written content as well as videos for…

Best practices for creating vertical videos on your smartphone

July 1, 2021
Did you know that there are 6 aspect ratios for images and videos that creators and…

Is YouTube advertising worth it for small businesses?

May 11, 2021
You've heard this before—YouTube is the world's largest video platform with 2+ billion…

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