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How to repurpose company presentation videos

Posted May 16, 2022
Written by Vikas Kalwani

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Are you looking to make the most out of your presentation videos? Employees, managers, and team leaders spend valuable time making company presentation videos, so it’s essential they’re viewed and published more than once. 

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Repurpose company presentation videos like weekly meetings, product tutorials, and behind the scenes, and maximize their informational value in just a few minutes. 

Let’s look at how teams can easily repurpose company presentation videos with Clipchamp

What are company presentation videos?

A company presentation video is a saved video or slideshow, usually demonstrating beneficial information to clients, customers, or employees. They can help solve pain points faster and better understand a product or service with presentational videos. 

Video presentations don’t have to be in a long-form video style. Show your audience in 45 seconds or less what a product or service offers. 

Why is corporate video repurposing effective?

Instead of creating a brand new video to post online, companies can now repurpose informational and educational presentation videos. The hard work is already complete, so all you need to do is edit the video, then share it with your viewers. 

Businesses can repurpose video presentations for many different avenues, like supporting new or seasoned employees, managers, customers, job openings, and marketing campaigns. 34% more applicants are interested in a job posting that includes a presentation video, making video a powerful marketing and educational tool. 

You can even repurpose video presentations for online meeting replacements, help express your company's mission, build a greater connection, enhance employee training, and even reduce learning and development costs. 

Tips to remember when repurposing company presentation videos

When repurposing company presentation videos, keep the following tips in mind for the best results. 

1. High-quality lighting and sound

You can boost information retention by ensuring the video is lit correctly. No one wants to watch a dull, dark or fuzzy video. If you use voiceovers or speakers, make sure to test them before recording and check you have a clear and crisp sound. 

2. Produce engaging videos

Your power is held in the video delivery and viewer experience when sharing information. Ask yourself how you can create a video that captivates viewers' attention straight away? What do they need to know, and what kind of delivery will get the information across best?

3. Make sure all teams have secure access

If you’re repurposing a video presentation for employee training purposes, make sure the video is accessible to all employees. Edit the video's security to include all team members, or place the video on a public viewing option. Ensuring secure access before going live will lead to fewer hiccups in the future.

How to repurpose company presentation videos

Follow the step-by-step guide below on how to repurpose company presentation videos.

Step 1. Audit your company presentation videos 

Before setting off to repurpose your videos, spend some time auditing them. If you don't have any current videos, now is the time to start recording some.

Record team meetings, product demonstrations, onboarding materials, training curriculum, mission and values statement, and behind-the-scenes videos. You can even survey your team to ask them what kind of videos they’d find value in or audit your current information streams to see where they fall short. 

If you already have pre-recorded company videos, review any missed information, poor quality, and repurposing ideas.

Step 2. Review internal training and informational pain points

Next, review your company's internal training materials and informational touchpoints. Be sure to look for any potential information silos or missing information, and if your videos help employees clearly understand what to do during interviews, onboarding, and training.  

Ask yourself if the videos clearly explain employee responsibilities and daily expectations, and if there is any extra support, your employees have expressed that they need. 

Step 3. Brainstorm ways to improve current videos 

It’s now time to generate ideas on how to improve your recent company presentation videos. Either conduct online research to find inspiration, check out SaaS examples,  or even scroll through Reddit and Quora. 

Meet with your team and discuss your findings. Pay special attention to employees who have recently joined your team and employees who have passed the probationary period. Ask these employees what they wish they would've known at the start of the onboarding and training periods. 

Step 4. Select updated video types and purposes

The next step is to choose your updated video types and objectives. Determine which videos have repurposed potential, who the target audience is, and how these videos can strengthen company culture. 

There are many different ways to repurpose company videos, like corporate culture videos, employee onboarding videos, recruitment marketing videos, day-in-the-life videos, how-to videos, explainer videos, and product training videos, just to name a few. You can also generate a QR code to add to your video to encourage viewers to check out a specific website.

Step 5. Edit your video with our free online video editor

With Clipchamp’s free online video editor, you can create and edit endless videos with your customized brand kit. Repurpose any company video and showcase it to your target audience in just a few minutes. Crop unwanted silences, speed up or slow down speech, or even use our AI voiceovers to add spice. 

Step 6. Select where to share your videos 

Before publishing your repurposed company videos, determine their location. Ask yourself:

  • Where and when will repurposed videos be published?

  • Why are the videos being published?

  • Which videos can help your company’s operations and procedures?

  • Which videos are suitable for remote, hybrid, and in-person staff?

  • Which videos are helpful for onboarding and training purposes?

Take this one step further by deciding which videos you can repurpose for other efforts, like marketing. Videos can even be used for email campaigns and your email marketing strategy. 

Repurpose company videos in no time 

How a company shares knowledge with employees directly impacts how successful the organization will be. 

Repurpose company presentation videos to relieve employee pain points and strengthen company culture with Clipchamp. 

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