Collecting and Sharing Video Files Now Easier Than Ever with Clipchamp Video Request

Posted September 14, 2016

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We are excited to announce the release of the Clipchamp Video Request web application, a new way of collecting video from anyone on any device, straight into a nominated YouTube channel or Google Drive account.

The web app is unique because files are compressed and converted in the sender’s browser before they get uploaded. They are also in a standard format, making them instantly shareable and ready to use.

Collect videos online from anyone

The Clipchamp Video Request application is perfect to easily collect videos from groups such as students, casting candidates, fans, customers or job applicants as a means of more efficiently managing the way large video files are received.

Using it is as simple as creating a link, which can then be shared via email, social media, SMS marketing or even added to a web page. From there, the receiver clicks on the link and can choose to either record a video on the spot or upload an existing video file.

All videos are compressed at no visible quality loss, resulting in smaller, more manageable files. When receiving videos, requesters will be notified as each new video gets submitted to them.

Creating new Video Request links is easy, and any old links can be disabled at any time.

Leading video processing technology for business and personal use

Clipchamp Video Request is designed to meet the needs of business, education and personal users across all types of devices. It’s changing the way video is traditionally sent and received, allowing businesses and website owners to collect user generated videos such as testimonials in a new way without the need to engage any web development resources.

For educators, the Video Request makes it dead-simple to collect videos from students and make use of them in the classroom. It’s a great complementary solution to using YouTube and other digital solutions in the classroom.

Clipchamp Video Request is:

  • Powerful: Receive unlimited videos, no storage or bandwidth limitations.

  • Private: Videos go directly from the end users to your chosen storage destination.

  • Flexible: The application works on desktop and mobile.

  • Easy: Receive videos from users, colleagues, constituents, friends or family anywhere and get notified by email when you receive a file.

  • Fast: Blazing fast uploads through video conversion and compression directly in the browser.

Clipchamp’s passionate group of leaders live and breathe the development of a better, smarter video processing technology, making it easier and accessible to the widest range of users worldwide.Find out more about the Clipchamp Video Request at clipchamp.com.

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