Clipchamp video collection plugin – now available in WP Engine’s Solution Center

Posted August 29, 2018
Written by Tobi Raub
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Our plugin is no longer available in the WP Engine solution center (as of 15/07/2019).


How do you collect video content from your site visitors? Until recently this was quite the technical challenge requiring software development and coding expertise, not to mention costly server-side setups and outdated, insecure browser plugins (cough…Flash…cough).

Today, obtaining video incl. webcam recordings from your user base or the general public is a breeze for any website owner, thanks to the Clipchamp video API and its plugin for the WordPress universe. With it, the simple shortcode [ clipchamp ]is all that’s needed to embed a modern, HTML5 webcam recorder and video uploading widget on your site.

Easy, right? Well, the proof is in the pudding, in this case in the recent addition of the plugin into the Solution Center of popular managed WordPress hosting and services provider WP Engine.

What’s the WPE Solution Center? It’s a curated collection of quality plugins that complement WP Engine’s offering for their clients. Plugins that are included here facilitate the implementation of use cases that go beyond what WordPress is able to offer out-of-the-box and make your life (if you’re a WPE customer) just that little bit easier.

Thanks to thorough vetting by WP Engine staff, customers know that any module that makes it into the Solution Center does what it says on the tin. A promise too often not kept by entries in the more free-for-all regular WordPress plugin marketplace.

Find out more about our recorder plugin in the WP Engine Solution Center or read on below!


About the Clipchamp video recording & uploading plugin for WordPress

As mentioned, our plugin allows you to collect videos from your users through your WordPress site’s front-end. You can do this by embedding a button on any page, post or media page on a WordPress based blog or website.  

Site visitors click the button, then record videos or select existing video files. These are then converted and compressed to settings you decide on, before being uploaded to your WordPress media gallery, YouTube channel, Google Drive account or another cloud storage destination.

Recording buttons can be inserted into as many posts and pages as you like by adding the [ clipchamp ] shortcode into the body of the page. There are also embedding icons for the tool menus of the classic WordPress editor and new Gutenberg editor available as an alternative to the shortcode.

All of this is done from within the browser and runs in both desktop and mobile versions of your site.


Advantages of our video recorder plugin

Collecting videos is easier than ever through the simple interface and collection process. The Clipchamp plugin also comes with a number of benefits that you won’t find anywhere else as they are unique to our patent-pending technology.

Receive streaming-ready videos

All videos you receive from your users are instantly streaming-ready. The plugin converts all videos into 1 standard, modern format before uploading them. For webcam recordings, formats include MP4 and WebM. For your users’ existing video files, additional output format options are FLV and ASF/WMV.

Client-side transcoding  

Clipchamp reduces or even eliminates your server-side video transcoding requirements and associated costs as you won’t have to set up any server-side video transcoding or streaming server. The plugin includes automatic, client-side video compression (at little or no visible quality loss) for much faster video uploading and sharing.

Privacy at all times

Videos remain private and we never have access to your users videos. Unlike with any other camera plugin provider, videos are directly uploaded from your users’ devices to a Cloud storage destination you choose without going through Clipchamp servers, thanks to our in-browser video processing technology. Our video recorder works on any device without any browser plugins as it doesn’t require Flash or WebRTC.

Integration with Gravity Forms

The video recorder works directly with any form you create in this popular form builder. This way you can ask users for some written data as well as let them record a webcam video and have both submitted in 1 single workflow. In the Gravity Forms editor, use the Clipchamp “Advanced Field” to add a recorder to a form.


The plugin offers 4 plans to choose from, each comes with a free 14-day trial period that provides full access to all features of the video recorder for WordPress (and our underlying HTML5 camera recorder API) without the need to enter a credit card to start the trial. This lets you test the plugin as much as you like for 2 weeks before deciding on a plan and starting a subscription.

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