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How to create a GIF using your webcam

November 17, 2021
Want to make a GIF from video webcam content? GIFs can share funny moments, remarkable…

Best smartphone camera accessories – Clipchamp video production tips

March 21, 2017
So you’ve been shooting some photos and video with your smartphone camera, but what…

Where to find royalty-free music

March 20, 2017
Last updated: October 30, 2020 Sometimes all that’s needed to take a video from good…

Video production for the rest of us

March 20, 2017
Digital video is on the rise. On the one hand, there are plenty of video production…

MP4 From Any Device, Google Drive Uploads, Video Tutorials – A Quick API Update

April 7, 2016
Since our last update about features of the Clipchamp API, we have been busy creating…

Reinventing the Clipchamp experience

August 16, 2015
A short while ago, our team worked with an amazing group of product designers to…

How to Convert Your Videos For Free

January 27, 2015
Smartphones like the latest iPhone generation are the world’s most popular photo…

How to Create a Video That Works in PowerPoint

November 25, 2014
UPDATE : We published an updated post about this topic that provides solutions to…

How to Record a Webcam Video on Your Chromebook

November 13, 2014
This blog post was updated in May 2021. The market share of Chromebooks has increased…

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