MP4 From Any Device, Google Drive Uploads, Video Tutorials – A Quick API Update

Posted April 7, 2016
Written by Tobi Raub

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Since our last update about features of the Clipchamp API, we have been busy creating a number of additional features and new options.

Listening to the feedback we’re receiving from our customers, these additions cover an ever-wider range of use cases for easy user-generated video in a growing number of industries.

Here is a quick list of what’s happened:

1) Direct Uploads to Google Drive

It is now possible to send user videos directly from the Clipchamp API to Google Drive. This complements our existing list of direct upload targets, namely AWS S3, Microsoft Azure and YouTube. The Blob output is another option, which lets you set up video uploads to your own video management solution such as Wistia. We also have additional upload options in the making.

2) MP4 From Any Device

In a world first, we invented a way to receive MP4 files on your website or in your web app from your users regardless of the device they use to upload the files from. They can access your site in mobile or desktop browsers and just upload their videos without the need to install a native mobile app or download any software. This works on iOS (where videos would have formerly been uploaded as MOV files), Android, Windows, Mac OS, Linux and Chromebooks. As a result you get videos in 1 standard format straight from your users, eliminating or substantially reducing the need for server-side transcoding.

3) Starter Plan (now discontinued)

We introduced a new plan for the API just last week. It lets anyone embed a webcam recorder and/or video uploader on their site at an affordable price and is well suited if you expect to receive lower volumes of videos from your users and would still like to offer them a webcam recorder and/or video upload feature. – this plan is deprecated –

4) Extended Knowledge Base

We’ve extended our Knowledge Base to cover all aspects of the Clipchamp API. We included more support articles, step-by-step instructions, feature explanations and answers to popular questions. The KB is a collection of living documents of course and we’ll be adding additional helpful content on a regular basis.

5) Video Tutorials by Codecourse

Finally, we’re excited about our friends at Codecourse recently publishing a collection of video tutorials that take you through setting up the Clipchamp API in clear, easy-to-follow steps. This includes key aspects such as signup, setting up a testing server, uploading videos to AWS S3 and YouTube, using the Blob output and even building a simple video sharing site using Clipchamp. You can check out all videos here.

About the Clipchamp API

Our JavaScript webcam API is unlike any other webcam recorder or video uploader available today. Its unique advantage is that it compresses and converts all video files client-side before they get sent to your Cloud storage. There is no detour through our servers either, files get sent from your users’ devices directly to you – protecting privacy and giving you full control over what happens with them.

This also ensures that you’re getting all your users’ videos at smaller file sizes in 1 standard format (MP4, WebM) straight from their devices – desktop or mobile – without any need for the files to get transcoded server-side. Videos you receive are ready to be used for streaming as we make sure that the MOOV atom is at the beginning of all files your users send to you.

Try the API free for 14 days and join our growing list of customers in education, online casting, sports management, recruiting, software development, web design, and many other industries.

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