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Best smartphone camera accessories – Clipchamp video production tips

Posted March 21, 2017
Written by Tobi Raub

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So you’ve been shooting some photos and video with your smartphone camera, but what if you want to go a little bit further? Perhaps you’re ready to treat yourself to some cool photography gear.

Now you don’t need every item on this list to make a great video. One of the best movies of 2015 was shot on an iPhone 5S. In this article we’re going to show you some apps and accessories that will take your film making to the next level.

FiLMiC Pro

around $13 AUD

The app in use on a Iphone 5S filming the movie Tangerine (2015)

FiLMiC Pro gives you full manual control over your smartphone camera for video. It gives you control over ISO, Shutter speed, EV, Focus, colour temperature and light meter. So basically, all of the manual photography controls but for video.

It also gives you audio monitoring, variable frame rates and LOG colour profiles (if you really want to get pro with your colour correction). If you really want to take control of your smartphone camera, FiLMiC Pro gives you the power.

Any GorillaPod Tripod with a GripTight Pro Mount

around $60 AUD for the Griptight Pro MountGorillaPods start at $20 AUD and go up to $170 AUD

You’ve totally seen these weird, tiny tripods being used by tourists everywhere. And for good reason; GorillaPods are light, portable and the higher end models, such as the Focus, are super sturdy. Because they’re flexible, you can wrap them around stuff, get them down super low or strap them to the ceiling.

Even pro photographers have started using them to mount lights in difficult places. GorillaPods come in a range of sizes and weight limits, but even the entry level $20 model will hold a smartphone with ease.

Remember, in addition to getting the tripod, you’re going to want one of their GripTight smartphone mounts. We recommend the GripTight Pro model for the sake of longevity. The basic model only just fits the most current smartphones (you may recall a point where smartphones started getting huge). The GripTight Pro ensures you’ll be able to use your GorillaPod for vlogging for years to come.

DJI Osmo Mobile Stabilizer For Smartphones

around $449 AUD

One of the problems with using your smartphone camera handheld is that even the slightest bump can result in a wobbly picture, to say nothing of walking or going up and down stairs. DJI’s Osmo series is becoming massively popular among film makers looking for easy glide cam videography.

The Osmo Mobile is nifty little stabiliser that turns your smartphone into a Steadicam. With minimal setup, the Osmo Mobile lets you pull off super stable gliding shots. If you plan on doing a lot of tracking shots with your smartphone camera, the DJI Osmo Mobile will be a great addition to your arsenal.

Rode Videomic Me Microphone For Smartphones

around $77 AUD

As good as it is for phone calls, even the best smartphone microphone is junk compared to even a cheapo microphone off Ebay. If you want the best directional sound possible the Rode Videomic Me is probably the best external smartphone mic on the market.

Simply plug it in and it works. It’s light, it has a sock to combat wind noise and a headphone jack so you can monitor your sound. If you want the best smartphone sound possible, pick up this microphone.

Bluetooth Remote Selfie Stick

around $19 AUD

We appreciate the backlash and resulting decline of this much maligned device. All the same, a good Selfie Stick, used as unobtrusively as possible, will help you get some cool angles.

High angle shots, extreme low angle shots, extreme close ups, group shots, a good quality selfie stick will open up greater photo and video opportunities. The included bluetooth remote makes it easier to start recording and snapping without awkwardness. Just don’t use it at a concert!

Aukey 37mm Circular Polarizer for Smartphones

around $17 AUD

A polarizer is a lens filter that reduces reflections caused by shiny surfaces. A polarizer is vital for managing heavy glare and light reflection while filming in direct sunlight. It’s not just for glass and metal. Plants and water reflect sunlight and can blow out an otherwise great photo.

The Aukey Circular Polarizer clips on to your smartphone camera and lets you manage heavy reflections. You adjust the strength of the polarizer by rotating the glass at the front. If you plan on doing a lot of outdoor filming, a circular polarizer will be an invaluable tool.

If you plan on doing a lot of video with your smartphone, it would be well worth investing in one of these devices. With a bit of practice, you’ll be shooting excellent video on your phone.


This article is part of Clipchamp’s “video production for the rest of us” series. Use our tips to create awesome-looking videos and photos for your next digital projects. Clipchamp has the tools to help you with that, for instance our free online video editor

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