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Digital video is on the rise. On the one hand, there are plenty of video production companies available to help you get professional videos for your digital projects. On the other hand, budget limitations and tight time frames are often in the way of using their services.

So, knowing about the basics of video production is becoming an essential skill to master, allowing you to create videos that look great, do your brand justice but also don’t break the budget. If you’d like to create awesome-looking videos for use in your digital projects and want to learn about video production, you’ve come to the right place.

Video production tips from the experts

Our folks here at Clipchamp HQ are happy to share their best tips for simple digital video creation – practical, easy to understand suggestions to shoot videos that look & sound great without costing lots of $.

Our collection is growing constantly and we’re adding articles about a range of related subjects on a regular basis. All of them are designed to help you become a better videographer. Currently the list includes:

  1. Using your camera’s manual mode for great photos to use online

  2. How to record professional audio with your smartphone

  3. Simple video lighting that looks awesome

  4. The best smartphone camera accessories

  5. Where to find royalty-free music

  6. Make a Shot List

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