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A short while ago, our team worked with an amazing group of product designers to give a healthy dose of design overhaul.

Even though we were initially happy with the Clipchamp we made available last year, it became increasingly clear from user feedback that we needed to provide a smoother, simpler and more engaging experience.

Luckily, our home base Brisbane is also home to design ventures practice Josephmark. Aside from helping both established businesses and start-ups like ours hone their entire user experience, they have recently also created 2 platforms of their own – Hash and Undrtone. Needless to say, seeing their existing work made us confident that they’d be able to pull something great out of their hats for us.

In addition to a visual redesign, we also spent the last weeks rethinking and engineering a number of technical novelties behind the scenes. These are making the new Clipchamp more robust and reliable than ever while offering the same great set of features as the old version.

But before I waffle on, take a look yourself.

[slideshow_deploy id=’831′]

For the next few weeks you’ll still be able to revert to the old site, but why would you? 🙂

Try out the new Clipchamp now and of course feel free to let us know what you think in the comments or via the social channel of your choice. Thank you!

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