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LinkedIn InMail tips guaranteed to increase your response rate

Posted August 17, 2021

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Tired of wasting precious InMail credits and not generating quality conversation or leads? Put a stop to getting ghosted on LinkedIn by learning InMail tactics curated by Clipchamp that will definitely increase your response rate.

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LinkedIn InMail has proven to be an effective feature for lead generation and customer acquisition. It’s 300% more effective than regular emails sent with the same content. That's why we made this ultimate list of tips to help everyone use the feature better.

Before we dive into the LinkedIn InMail tactics, let's refresh what we know about LinkedIn InMail, shall we?

InMails can outperform regular emails

If you use the right strategy (as we’re going to recommend in this blog), your LinkedIn InMail can outperform regular email. 

Who can use LinkedIn InMail?

LinkedIn InMail is an exclusive feature available for Premium LinkedIn accounts only, but anyone can receive your InMails even with a Basic account.

Each LinkedIn plan gives you access to a different amount of credits. 

  • A Business Plan gives you 15 InMail credits. 

  • Sales Navigator Professional account gives you 20 InMail credits. 

  • A Recruiter account gives you 30 InMail credits. 

InMails can reach a wider audience

Unline LinkedIn Messaging, InMail lets you contact any users on the platform, including your second and third-degree connections. Users do however get the option to choose not to receive InMail, but most are open to it, providing you access to a wider audience base. 

InMails have unique labelling

InMails can be found in the LinkedIn messaging inbox. Every InMail is marked with a distinctive ‘InMail’ label to help recipients differentiate these from the regular messages. Users can cut through the noise to stand out in a prospect’s inbox, leaving them more likely to create a lasting impression and receive a positive response. 

InMails have unique labelling

Kyle Lessard, a product marketer at LinkedIn says “Most decision-makers get hundreds of emails for every InMail message they receive. Unlike with email, decision-makers don’t struggle to achieve ‘InMail zero’ and they don’t need to dig out their InMail when they return from vacation just to go through all the messages. All in all, it’s not hard to see why messages sent to a smaller, more exclusive inbox have a better chance of getting noticed”.

InMails are easy to locate and read

Usually, traditional emails...which users tend to ignore or just hit delete!

cat overloaded by email notifications gif

This is not the case with LinkedIn InMail. With one simple click, users can view your profile to learn more about your company, your services, your connections, and more—all without leaving LinkedIn.

Things to remember about LinkedIn InMail—character limits, open profiles and more

If you haven’t used LinkedIn InMail before, keep these top tips in mind when creating your InMails: 

  • InMail can have up to 2000 characters in the body and 200 characters in the subject line. 

  • Only users with Premium LinkedIn accounts can only use InMail.

  • The number of InMails you can send every month depends on the monthly InMail credits linked to your Premium Plan. Unused credits roll over up to three months. 

  • Your prospects don’t need to have a Premium account to receive InMails.

  • If a LinkedIn user has enabled the open profile Premium feature, then you can send them InMail for free, even from a Basic account.

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5 tips for crafting a reply-worthy LinkedIn InMail

Check out these 5 tips to skyrocket the response rate of your LinkedIn InMails put together by us at Clipchamp.

1. Write short, sharp and structured

The attention of your prospects is priceless. To grab their attention right away, keep your InMail short and sweet. An InMail should be no longer than 3 paragraphs or roughly 100 words. An InMail that has 100 words or less increases your response rate, unlike those with over 200 words. 

Following a structure is the best way to stick to the ideal word limit. Commence your email with a brief introduction sharing a bit about your brand. Add a personalized hook that gives your prospect a solid reason to keep reading. Referencing a common connection can also increase your response rate by 27%

1. Follow a structure

2. Spark curiosity in the subject line

Users are likely to read the subject line of your InMail to see if they would be interested in opening it. A unique and catchy subject line can make your InMail memorable. 

A short impactful subject line of 3 words or less, can boost your chances of getting a response by 14%. The subject line should tell the recipient the purpose behind the InMail since everyone may not read the entire message. 

3. Personalize your message with video

Instead of sending the same bulk message to thousands of prospects, consider sending a single personalized InMail instead. Sending personalized messages can increase your InMail response rate by over 30%. 

Personalized video pitches are also a great way to further engage with your prospects. Video is an easy yet effective way to share your brand’s story and explain products or services. Who doesn’t love watching a short video instead of reading text? Videos receive 1200% more shares than text and images combined. 

Emails that include videos offer a 280% higher return than traditional emails. Including video content in InMail is easy. You don’t have to be a professional to create personalized videos for your prospects. Clipchamp’s free online video editor is the perfect tool to create beautiful video content in no time. 

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With hundreds of ready-to-use video templates to choose from, creating personalized video pitches or demo videos for your InMails has never been easier. Split, combine, rotate, trim, or crop videos through its easy to use interface. Add backgrounds, transitions, filters, and media to your videos to ensure it fits your brand identity perfectly. 

4. Include a strong call to action

After you have made a solid pitch, don’t leave your prospects hanging. Finish strong with a clear call to action that prompts your recipient into taking action. 

Here are some templates you can use to counter the decision fatigue of the lead:

  • Are you free for a 15-minute call on Thursday at 10 AM?

  • Let’s meet for a virtual coffee on Friday at 5 PM and discuss this further?

  • Sign up for the webinar today. There are only a limited number of spots available.

5. Always maintain a credible, up-to-date LinkedIn profile

Once the prospect has read your InMail, they will most likely click on your profile to learn more about you and your brand. 

Ensure your profile is up-to-date with the latest product, services and information. Delete any irrelevant information that is old or you no longer need. 

Adding recommendations and customer testimonials from previous customers to your LinkedIn profile is a great way to further build your brand's credibility. 

Influencer String ​​Nguyen (who's also a Clipchamp video champion!) has a great example of an up-to-date LinkedIn profile. String lets her personality shine through in her About LinkedIn description, shares her current published articles and latest activities. 

5. Maintain an up-to-date LinkedIn profile to build credibility
5. Maintain an up-to-date LinkedIn profile to build credibility

Try now—LinkedIn InMails that will get a response!

Land leads for a lifetime by becoming a better virtual communicator. Put these tips in action and make the best of LinkedIn InMails.

When you're ready to add a branded short video into your InMail messages to increase your engagement and response rates, just make a video for free in Clipchamp. To start making a video, just drag, drop and edit your video by signing up to Clipchamp.

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