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What are LinkedIn Product Pages? Can they generate leads for your business?

Posted August 30, 2021
Written by Clipchamp

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Is your business using LinkedIn to its full potential? 

LinkedIn is now a top platform for lead generation. The new LinkedIn's feature 'Product Pages' can spotlight product endorsements and testimonials by your users, gather ratings and reviews from current customers and generate leads with a custom CTA button.

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LinkedIn Product Pages can help you build a strong community around your products and services. Sounds pretty neat, right? Let's explore how your business can start generating more leads with this feature.

What are LinkedIn Product Pages?

A LinkedIn Product Page is a hub for B2B businesses to promote their products and grow their following. Located within the LinkedIn Pages tab, a Product Page will allow businesses to list their products and offer details including product descriptions, media (videos and images), customers ratings and reviews.

For prospective buyers, LinkedIn Product Pages can serve as the push they need to make confident purchase decisions. 

How can LinkedIn Product Pages generate leads?

When talking about bottom-funnel marketing, LinkedIn Product Pages is a great way to convert leads into paying customers. Here's how they can help build awareness for you.

1. Verifiable social proof

When a LinkedIn member visits your LinkedIn Product Page, they are able to leave a review of your product with a rating between 1 to 5, and an up to 500 character long paragraph. A review left by the LinkedIn user will be visible and accessible to everyone. Their name and profile pictures will also be published. 

Social proof-reviews

Source: Slack's LinkedIn reviews 

There’s also an optional step to select a key product strength including easy setup, easy to use, innovative features and good support.

The best part is active users have to confirm that they are genuine customers before leaving a review. Having this safeguard in place means potential customers only see true customer testimonials.

Tip: We recommend that your employees should not leave a review on your product.

They might be passionate about the product but their review could get your Product Page flagged and deleted due to bias from being connected with your business.

2. Showcase product feature

Adding product highlights to your LinkedIn Product Pages are beneficial for promoting and positioning your products in front of a potential customer.

By doing this, you’re supporting their decision-making process by posting accurate information about your product. Therefore generating more leads and potential customers. 

3. Customizable call-to-actions

LinkedIn Product Pages offer direct and customizable CTAs for every B2B business.

Your business can target leads with a CTA button by requesting demos or contacting the sales team. 

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How to create a LinkedIn Product Page

Here is a step-by-step guide to creating a LinkedIn Product Page. To start creating a LinkedIn Product Page, you will need to be a super admin or content admin of your main company page. You can create up to 35 Product Pages that showcase your products on your LinkedIn Pages’s product tab. 

Step-by-step instructions to creating a Product Page

  1. Access your Page Super or Content admin view. 

  2. Click the Products tab in the top navigation bar. 

  3. Click the + add product button. 

  4. Enter your product name and click Save. You will then be routed to your new Product Page. 

  5. Enter all the required information LinkedIn requests by clicking the pencil edit icon next to each field. Each required section will be highlighted. 

  6. Select your CTA button for your Product Page.

  7. Click the Save button for each item edited. 

  8. Click the Submit for review button. Your review may take up to 2 weeks. You’ll receive a notification in your Activity tab once the approval process is complete.

Creating a Product Page

How to publish your Product Page once it’s approved

  1. Click the Activity tab in the top navigation bar. 

  2. Click the View product button then Publish product. 

FAQ 1. How to select the correct CTA for your Product Page?

When creating your LinkedIn Product Page, there are several different CTA options available to B2B businesses. You can select ‘Download now’, ‘Try now’, ‘Contact us’, ‘Learn more’, ‘Request a demo’ and ‘Get started’. 

Once you have selected your desired CTA, you’ll need to add the landing page URL according to your CTA. If you have chosen the ‘Download now’ CTA, you can add a link to download the product. Similarly, if your CTA is ‘Try now,’ you can add a link to your sign-up page. 

Choosing the right CTA for your business is completely up to you and how you want to drive your traffic. 

How to select the correct CTA for your Product Page?

Source: Thriveagency 

FAQ 2. Can you add images or videos to highlight product features?

After you have selected your chosen CTA, you’ll be able to upload both images and videos to your product. We recommend adding media footage to your product to showcase its features. 

Upload a product demo or sales pitch video to show how your product can help your prospects and give them more information in less time.

Time-poor? Try Clipchamp, our free online video editor to quickly create engaging product videos, demo videos and sales pitches for your LinkedIn Product Page. 

With thousands of ready-to-use video templates and advanced video editing tools, your product video will be ready to upload in no time. All you have to do is add your personalized touch. 

For images, the minimum size should be 1128 x 376. 

For videos, keep an aspect ratio of 16:9 and the overall file size should not exceed 5GB. 

How do you add images or videos to highlight product features?

Source: Thriveagency 

Ready to boost conversions with LinkedIn Product Pages?

70% of buyers select products based on research they do online, which means your products’ reputation and visibility can make or break your business. Product Pages may soon become the first thing prospects check to find reviews before making any purchasing decisions.

LinkedIn reviews combined with the popularity of the professional network makes Product Pages a potentially game-changing feature for B2B companies.

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