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style: object

Default value: undefined

Allows for the detailed customization of the API’s visual appearance using CSS. A custom CSS stylesheet can be provided as a URL (style.url property) or as CSS declarations string (style.text). In both cases, the custom CSS declarations augment but do not replace the default user interface styling, based on the Bootstrap 3 default styling. That is, the custom CSS styling is layered on top of the existing CSS styling where existing CSS classes can be augmented, CSS properties be added or replaced. Enterprise plan.

url: string

Default value: undefined

A custom CSS stylesheet, given as a string – the custom CSS stylesheet is instantiated after the Clipchamp API’s default styling. Must not be used in combination with the style.url setting.

text: string

Default value: undefined

The URL of a custom CSS stylesheet that is loaded after the API’s default CSS styling. Must not be used in combination with the style.text setting.