Our JavaScript webcam recorder & uploader is in use on websites around the world.

Here are just some of our happy customers telling their stories of how the Clipchamp API helped them and their users.

  1. Buncee offers video recording to students and teachers thanks to Clipchamp’s HTML5 Camera API

  2. Seesaw Rolls Out New Capability with Clipchamp’s JS Video Recording API

  3. MyCastingNet Gains Greater Efficiency & Cost Savings through Clipchamp’s Video Ingest API

  4. CEO Worldwide Offers Easy Video Recording Through Clipchamp’s JS Webcam

  5. Educare Collects User Videos, Saves on Server-Side Transcoding Resources through Clipchamp’s Video API

  6. Bridging the Gap: Storytelling through video by using Clipchamp’s JavaScript camera