Best social media analytics tools to grow customer loyalty

Posted January 8, 2021
Written by Roy Emmerson

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An experienced marketer knows that success comes to those who experiment with their insights and use good tools.

Analyzing the performance of your social media channels is one of the most important tasks of a marketer. That’s because only once you analyze the insights and social media metrics which are the results of your work, you can decide the direction you want to take to make it more effective.

Depending on the scale of your social media channels, this analysis could take days. Right now, there are high-quality online services and subscription software that can easily collect website analytics in no time. All you’ll need to do is consolidate the information and prepare recommendations based on the data you see. How good is that?

When used correctly, the power of social media marketing extends far beyond just being a cost-effective way to drive awareness for your business. The main purpose of SMM is not limited to staying visible to the audience and bringing subscribers to the landing pages of the site which you can use landing page builder tools to help . You can use it to find out how your content affects the size of your audience, how many subscribers have signed up, and how many of them have unsubscribed in a month?

Digital marketing work desk - The Best Social Media Analytics Tools to Grow Customer Loyalty - Clipchamp Blog

Let’s explore how you can use social media analytics the right way to grow customer loyalty for your brand and business.

How to grow loyal customers through social media

Today, social media marketing is all about interaction. The problem of television and outdoor advertising is that there is no way to approach or personalize content to an individual. TV ads last 20 seconds and in most cases, people are distracted or busy with their household chores. The main problem with outdoor ads can be described as "banner blindness" which is when people are simply fed up with billboards and posters on every corner, they no longer notice them.

It's different with social media. Here, the frequency and quality of contact with your audience is much higher because you can customize your ads so that they are shown to people of a certain age, gender, and with specific preferences and interests. That's why the audience is likely to become your loyal customers. 

Now let’s figure out how you can grow these numbers.

Listen to Them

User actions on your website imply a certain customer opinion about your brand. You can notice things even without special engagement measurement tools.

For example, if users "liked" certain posts, that means they liked the information or an image you posted. If users engage with a certain brand, for example, by commenting on the content, sharing the company's posts, this shows customer loyalty. And if a company pays thoughtful attention to its subscribers, e.g., re-publishes their comments, helps solve their problems, offers them to become an expert or a reviewer of a product, this company might as well gain an "advocate" or a brand ambassador, who will readily promote the company's interests.

Brands that aimlessly publish content "for content's sake" have the same level of engagement as TV ads, even if they use the latest content analytics tools.

Social media is an online environment where all users unconsciously operate like focus groups and are not afraid to share their opinions and debate, proving their points, and expressing their needs or desires. The great thing about this is that it happens in real-time, nonstop. 

Don't Miss A Thing 

The number of social media analytics tools and methods has grown tremendously in recent years becasuse brands are constantly on the lookout for customer insights that people share sincerely on social media websites. Organizations often use more than one type of marketing analytics tool.

In order not to waste your money, you must clearly understand what tasks you want to solve with social media monitoring tools. Your goals and objectives will determine the tools and specifications that you will need to make it happen.

Get the most of social media analytics tools

What are the possibilities that social media analytics tools can provide you with?

1. Find out how your customers perceive your product/service

By analyzing company mentions, you can identify your strengths and those that users mentioned most often.

This information will also show how those strengths match your product positioning. If you focus on a particular feature of your product or service, ideally, it should be mentioned in your consumer reviews more often than any other, and only in a positive way. If you haven't already identified key benefits, user reviews will help you with that.

What percentage of your brand's audience is active? Is it increasing or decreasing? And what is it like for your competitors? Engagement rate statistics will give the answers. 

2. Find out what you're missing

On social media, many consumers not only say what they like or dislike about your product --they also express their ideas and expectations about how your brand can improve its offering. This might get you thinking about profitable cross-marketing campaigns or even a new service. Plus, customers will be able to notice that you care, which will increase their brand loyalty.

Metrics like "Post Length," "Post Types," and "Post Categories" can help you understand what kind of content your audience prefers, which will help you evaluate the quality of posts and choose what to focus on. The best performing posts can be promoted, and you can also analyze competitors' content analyzed for ideas using some platforms.

3. Neutralize negative reviews

According to statistics, customers leave neutral or negative reviews more than positive reviews. This is simply because users react emotionally when they're expectations are not met. There are several types of negative mentions:

  • Subjective opinions: These typically also include positive and neutral statements about the product and do not express an extreme degree of dissatisfaction. It's important to respond quickly to such mentions, apologize for the inconvenience, and offer a convenient solution to the customer's problem. The main task is to notice the problem in time—this is where social media tracking software can help you—and solve the problem correctly.

  • One-time angry mentions: This is when users do not usually hold back, use harsh language and "paint" their complaints in "vivid" colors. These kinds of mentions pose a "medium" level of danger to the brand but if responded to quickly, brands can transform the dialogue into a constructive discussion.

  • Targeted attacks: This is when a large number of negative posts are artificially generated to undermine the reputation of a particular company. Such reviews are usually written at the request of direct competitors and their main purpose is to spread negativity virally. Unfortunately. bad reviews arouse much more interest than positive ones so a coherent, timely, competent response from professionals involved in the mention analytics is very important.

Social media analytics tools help keep your finger on the pulse and neutralize any negative mentions in a timely manner, saving your money, time, resources, and reputation. Social media listening tools like Notifier can help keep your finger on the pulse and neutralize any negative mentions in a timely manner, saving your money, time, resources, and reputation.

Neal Taparia, who runs classic card games platform Solitaired, sees negative reviews as an opportunity. “When people share negative comments publicly about our solitaire games, it’s an opportunity for us to reach out and show that we care. We actively engage in such conversations so the world can see we care about our users and that they should expect the same.”

Identify new platforms

Social media platforms - The Best Social Media Analytics Tools to Grow Customer Loyalty - Clipchamp Blog

By monitoring social media mentions, you might find new platforms with discussions of different products or services that are identical or related to what your company offers. This is a great chance to bring your product to the audience of these sites.

You can use special analytics services to track the dynamics of your outreach with special charts. For example, they can show how many Instagram users have seen your account/your Posts, Stories, etc.

Everyone is aware that Stories disappear from the account after 24 hours – your task is to collect statistics about them, for example, viewers, views, outreach, a number of actions, etc. Analyzing hashtag stats will also help you understand which Instagram hashtags will help get your account into the recommended ones and get more engagement. In addition, you can let experts bring audience statistics to the same view for all social networks so that you can see it both visually in charts or export it to Excel

Professional analytics services should be able to pull all available stats from Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter promotional posts and merge them with the main stats of your brand accounts and communities. This is how you can separately see total, organic, and promotional outreach.

Quality social media analytics services are able to provide such services, as well as many others, which we will discuss below.

Influence buying decisions

When buying a product online, users do not have the opportunity to touch, feel, or experience it so, 60-70% of users study product reviews before buying a product. Usually, customers trust user reviews at least twice as much as product descriptions on the site. 

Talking about services, which cannot be "touched" either, statistics show the number of users who search for information about a brand, as well as reviews of those who have already used the service, is close to 90%. High-quality social media monitoring systems will give you the ability to easily manage user reviews to keep your company's online ranking high.

Provide and receive feedback

The basic rule is to be sincere and not rushedly reply to your customers with stock-standard responses. If you try to really solve your dissatisfied customers' problems, and they will become your most loyal fans, as well as an inexhaustible source of free advertising!

Communicating with your customers is a great way to build loyalty, so monitoring your brand mentions should be done systematically, not occasionally. The best social media analytics tools make sure you don't miss a single mention. Of course, complaints are the first ones you should take care of, however, positive reviews deserve your attention as well.

Try to surprise your customers: grant a wish you saw in their post, respond immediately to a review, exceed their expectations, stay polite, caring, and attentive. A careful attitude is still rare, thus, it will instantly take you to the next level in any customer's eyes.

Are mentions of your accounts getting lost quickly in your activity feed? Social media analytics services collect all the mentions on one page, allowing you to filter them.

Manage your company reputation 

This point is closely related to what we've been discussing so far, like managing product reviews, responding to negative posts, and so on. However, if you think of this issue as a PR task, it takes on a completely different meaning.

If your organization becomes known to be unresponsive to feedback or tardy or even unfair play, the business may not do well. Potential customers won't trust the product if they don't trust the brand.

Social media monitoring systems can help you see and understand the whole picture your brand is communicating to your audience, as well as react in a timely manner to any potential reputation threats. With the proper software, according to The Social Shepherd, you'll also be able to analyze the level of brand awareness.

Brand reputation as an employer should be mentioned separately, as it emphasizes the need for social media monitoring by the HR department. The algorithm is almost the same as described in the previous paragraph – search and find feedback about the company. This is how you will determine its attractiveness as an employer.

Keep in mind that your organization's poor reputation as an employer can become a real problem when looking for new employees, and the lengthy hiring process not only deprives you of the talents you need but can actually cost you a lot.

Identify product demand 

Evaluating product demand and predicting sales is one of the most important tasks a marketer faces. Monitoring social media allows you to gauge consumers' perceptions of news about upcoming new product launches or identify their need for certain ancillary services.

This approach gives you the opportunity to engage customers in product strategy and increases your chances of success. Investing time, money, and effort into something that ultimately fails can cause bigger problems than you expect. Today, all businesses are built on decisions backed by data. Moreover, failing to identify demand for something new can cause your competitors to launch "that service" or implement "that feature" and take your customers from you.

Analyze competitor pros and cons

It's no secret that in many industries, competing products from different brands have minimal differences. However, the way consumers perceive these products may vary. Social media competitor analytics tools can help you understand how to stand out from your competitors, as well as see what strategies have worked for them and what causes them to fail. Perhaps, everyone knows that learning from other people's mistakes is much better for your budget.

Moreover, by analyzing your competitors, you will be able to reach their customers and find a way to show them why you are better. A social media monitoring system will give you the tools to understand why your competitors' customers prefer them. This will then give you the opportunity to outperform them in every way.

Stay trendy

"Christmas tree" is one of the most popular searches in December, just like "beachwear" in summer. But what about the rest of the time? What's trending right now? Plant-based meats? Face masks? Webinars? Honestly, there are so many reasons why you need to keep up with the times.

People may somehow associate your brand with a current theme, but you don't even know it! Is it good for you? How does it affect your sales? Maybe it affects your brand awareness? Remember The Game of Thrones episode with a Starbucks cup? There you go. 

The next point is your reaction. If you spot an interesting topic that's already popular (and you don't need to invest anything to promote it), you can launch a great campaign that your customers will love. For example, to capitalize on the FaceApp challenge, Nivea responded to the mass obsession with a new banner ad, which looked great, by the way! 

Nivea face app campaign example - Clipchamp blog

Sometimes, a brand can provoke a trending discussion with some of its own actions, comments, articles, interviews, among others. Obviously, it is extremely important to know about it to quickly prevent negative consequences or make money from it by using it for your own purposes

Do you remember the Heineken scandal when their advertising banners were found on a photo of a ring that was used for dog fighting in Mongolia? 

The beer brand was accused of supporting animal cruelty. Although this was purely coincidental, and their banners had been left at this nightclub after a previous event (as it later turned out), it provoked a lot of negative reactions. 

Heineken responded correctly – they posted an official response to the accusation on their website, listing the actions they had taken to resolve the situation. They also listed the steps they had taken to investigate the situation and thanked the social media users who brought the issue to the brand's attention. 

However, it would have been better for Heineken to resolve the issue before it became public. In that case, they might have done the same thing without public condemnation, which would have saved their reputation and money. No one likes to make excuses, especially if it wasn't their fault. If Heineken had used a system to monitor social media, they would have been able to solve the problem before it occurred.

Demand more

If you understand the importance of social media analytics systems, everything goes as planned! However, there are, probably, those who aren't too impressed by it all. For example, you already use one good social media monitoring solution that allows you to handle the aforementioned tasks; or maybe you're no longer surprised by these features and need something different. Well, we have something different for you. This is the age of AI, after all, and software without smart capabilities is a relic of the past.

The best social media monitoring solutions allow you to do even more with artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms. More importantly, AI-powered solutions can relieve you of many routine tasks, allowing you to focus on the really important problems. The most advanced software can offer a ton of cool features!

Visual mention analytics

Typically, by analyzing only textual mentions, brands miss up to 85% of total mentions. The important thing to understand here is that simple text-on-picture detection has become an echo of the last century, simply because hardly anyone bothers to write text on a picture when it would be easier and faster to write it in the post itself.

Defining a logo is the optimal solution that will allow you to do a more in-depth analysis of your social media audience. For example, you can do the following: 

  • Analyze your product/service consumption situations; 

  • Find out what other brands are most likely to accompany yours on various images, to choose a partner for a co-branding or mutually beneficial campaign; 

  • Measure your ads' outreach more accurately and assess brand awareness; 

  • Find brand ambassadors or opinion leaders.

How you choose to apply visual analytics is entirely up to you.

In addition, the best social media analytics software allows you to analyze the context of images containing your company logo. Do you want to know if celebrities, fashion models, or football players use your product? Who uses it more- men or women? Kids or adults? Where do they use it? You can find that out with the necessary data and set your own rules in the marketplace. 

Auto category recognition

Have you ever tried to find some valuable information on social media through the noise of advertising and commercial posts? The saying "a needle in a haystack" isn't even close to the complexity of this task.

Automatically assigning a category to a certain type of content allows brands to find the necessary information faster. Want to see customer reviews? Look for WOM (Word Of Mouth). Want to see the number of business offers posted that mention your brand? Just check the "commerce" category accordingly. That way you can optimize your searches and increase efficiency.

Sentiment analysis

If your brand gets mentioned several thousand times a month, you're well aware of how time-consuming it is to process that many mentions. You'll need a team of a dozen people to read each mention and categorize it as positive, negative, or neutral.

Social media analytics systems are capable of analyzing the text themselves using NLP (Natural Language Processing) and categorizing brand mentions automatically. With the help of this feature, you will understand that evaluation of customer satisfaction and loyalty level is the easiest and the fastest task.

Personal assistant

A personal AI assistant will keep you in the loop even when you're not online or just busy with other things. The best social media monitoring systems offer an intelligent assistant that will notify you of the most important issues concerning your brand via any convenient channel. Your personal assistant will decide which data deserves your attention and analyze it independently, giving you the final results. 

Best Social Media Analytics Tools and Platforms

Level up your digital marketing with the help of these resources:


AgoraPulse calculates user engagement on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn, and YouTube. In addition to the standard metrics, the service offers mention notifications for your webpage and quick user feedback.


Iconosquare is an analytics and scheduling platform for Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. It offers multi-profile management, hashtag and competitor tracking, and easy reporting, among other features that make it useful for businesses.


Databox is a business analytics & monitoring tool that provides features for professionals to build custom dashboards and track performance effectively. The platform enables anyone to pull social media data from every network & set measurable goals to track progress with alerts, notifications, and appealing visuals.


EmbedSocial is a reputation building platform for agencies, marketers & ecommerce businesses to generate and publish authentic user-generated reviews such as video testimonials, product reviews & real customer recommendations on websites and social media channels. It works with most CMS platforms and web builders including WordPress, Shopify, Weebly, Wix, Squarespace, Webflow & others.


Oktopost is a platform for B2B social media management. Calculates the cost-effectiveness of social media marketing.


Monitors trends in real-time, analyzes post engagement, and suggests optimal posting times. Keyhole is suitable for finding relevant topics on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Sprout Social 

Sprout Social solves several problems: subscriber message management, scheduling, automatic post publishing, and brand page analytics on social media. If you’re focusing more on social media management and collaboration, there are other Sprout Social alternative tools for you to test out


Whatagraph is a SaaS tool for marketers that automatically pulls data from marketing channels and turns those numbers into a visual report or dashboard. With one link, you can share the performance report with your clients or colleagues.


Quintly analyzes Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Google+. It also evaluates community subscribers and creates custom reports. Among other analytics tools, Quintly stands out for its ability to find opinion leaders for a brand.


Brandwatch is a tool for large-scale research. It monitors company mentions in real-time and a publication tone.  As an alternative, you can also try this tool for auto-posting, monitoring, and social network analysis. The service works well for small startups, bloggers, small and medium-sized businesses.


In addition to content management tools, Hootsuite includes social media analytics. The service offers changing conversions, ROI, traffic, and engagement improvements.

"If you'd like the functions of Hootsuite and also like to integrate with your Google My Business page, RecurPost is one of the best Hootsuite alternatives out there."

Simply Measured 

The service communicates with Google Analytics and provides data on audience behavior from social media. Simply Measured also collects promotion and competitor content data.


SB tracks engagement and other metrics on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and YouTube. It also tracks metrics not only for on-page content but also for ads and includes posting/editing tools.


Audiense is a discussion analytics tool. It tracks reactions to posted content, analyzes audiences, and offers tools to increase engagement. The marketing platform successfully analyzes Twitter ads if you use them.


HeyOrca's collaborative social media calendar tool for agencies lets you create visual social media reports for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. You can filter reports by date and engagement metrics, and easily export reports in PDF or Excel format to share with your clients.


Use this tool to shorten, brand, and track every link you create and share on your social media channels. Rebrandly also provides a detailed analytics feature that enables you to learn about who’s clicking on your links — like what country the clicks are coming from, the most popular times and days, and what social media platform the clicks originated from.


Social Champ is a social media management tool for enterprises of all sizes, from startups to bigger agencies. The tool supports Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google My Business, Pinterest, and Twitter. You can track analytics for each post or profile separately and download presentation-ready reports with graphs for further analysis. All this with an easy-to-navigate UI makes the entire experience wholesome and super convenient.

Social Status

Social Status is a social media reporting and analytics tool for Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn. It includes analytics for Facebook & Instagram ads as well as competitor analytics and Influencer analytics, too. You can export a report to formats like CSV, PDF, PowerPoint and Google Slides." If you need to convert Pdf to CSV, there are also free tools available online.


Metricool is a management and analytical tool that helps measure engagement in networks, study competitors, and manage your Google My Business accounts. It also allows you to publish cross-platform social media posts and online advertising."


Hipsocial is a convenient social media management software that helps you plan content approvals, schedule social media posts and so much more. The software can turn your blog posts into engaging social media campaigns as well. Immediately, you connect your blog via a 500apps account, and you can engage your audience 24/7 with updates and posts.

Learn to do what you can't

Managing social media is much more complicated and confusing than just "responding to feedback." To be the best, first, articulate what you want, then figure out what you can do, and finally learn to do what you can't. Take care of your customers wisely and use your analytics tools right!

Good luck!

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