How to plan a marketing campaign using data visualization

Posted March 24, 2022
Written by Clipchamp

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Are you a marketer looking for how to leverage your social media insights to develop your next marketing campaign?

Learn how to tap into valuable insights and create compelling social media marketing campaigns with the help of simple data visualization tools in this blog.

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How to apply data visualization to your social media campaign

Data visualization methods are critical in the Big Data world for analyzing huge volumes of interesting data and making decisions. It's very effective in terms of website optimization and online marketing campaign planning. There are lots of clever and affordable data visualization tools that help you turn numbers into motion graphics like pie charts, Gantt charts, waterfall charts and even heat maps today.

If your business is looking to track certain metrics or report on industry trends, it's easier than ever to visualize data to tell a story or track KPIs.

Let's explore the top ways businesses can apply data visualization techniques to create good social media ads.

1. Heatmaps

Helpful data visualization tools like heatmaps are great to identify key marketing messages which are getting attention along with those which aren't. It can guide you on which creative element or marketing copy should be at the heart of your social media ad.

Heatmaps are beginner friendly as they use warm and cold colors. The warm colors indicate the areas of the website or app that had more visitors while the cold colors indicate areas that were least engaged with on the website or app.

So, how helpful are heatmaps for social media campaigns? There are three categories to consider. Click heatmaps, segment heatmaps, and scroll heatmaps. Each is uniquely effective in planning a social media campaign. 

a. Click heatmaps

Click heatmaps determine what parts of your website are most and least engaged with. They’re great for discovering what your most popular viewed products and subpages are, best-performing buttons with calls-to-actions, and even which brand colors attract more clicks. Click heatmaps can increase your CTR, bringing more traffic from social media to your website.

1. Click heatmaps

Source: Datahash

b. Segment heatmaps

Segment heatmaps can help a business determine what sources visitors are coming from and how each segment uses the website.

This information can benefit your social media campaign by seeing which platforms generate the most traffic. Segment heatmaps show businesses where marketing efforts can be increased, and where they could be decreased.

2. Segment heatmaps

Source: Capturly 

c. Scroll heatmaps

Scroll heatmaps collect how long customers are scrolling through a website. They’re usually used to analyze content like blog interfaces and can indicate which articles are the most popular. 

Marketers with this information can then promote high performing blogs on social media through video to generate more awareness from views and sales too, if that's your campaign objective.

2. Session replays

Session replays can track viewers' mouse movements on a website. What people click on or don't click on can guide marketers and business owners on what words are working, what buttons are working, among other insights.

Rewatching sessions takes a little longer to do, but it's worth it in the end. You can see as many replays as you would like and download the results. These insights can be incorporated into your next social media marketing campaign.

Session replays

Source: Mouseflow

3. Tableau

Businesses can use Tableau to identify different trends and simplify raw data formats so it's great to set up to track your campaign results. 

Tableau is a visual analytics tool that can transform the way your business uses data to solve problems. It’s easy to use and doesn’t require any programming. Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter all collect their own data, but it can be difficult to determine trends from them. You can create graphs and charts to see how your social media ads are performing.

Compare your new information with heatmaps and session replays to analyse your campaign success.

Plan a successful marketing campaign inspired by data

Whether you’re ready to use session replays, segment heatmaps, or Tableau, each tool can contribute to the success of your next marketing campaign. Make sure to mix qualitative and quantitative data to get the most out of your ads.

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