The ultimate guide to Floatplane

Posted March 21, 2022

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Looking for a YouTube alternative to diversify your revenue stream as a creator? Consider Floatplane, a YouTube alternative without censorship. 

Right now, it makes sense to publish video content on multiple video-sharing sites instead of relying on just one platform as ad revenue can vary. Read on to explore our ultimate guide to Floatplane. 

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What is Floatplane?

Floatplane is an online streaming service that offers viewers a wide range of content categories and the ability for creators to make more money. Unlike YouTube, Floatplane doesn’t have an algorithm that recommends video. It doesn't have a trending page either.

In terms of quality, Floatplane offers higher bite rates than YouTube which makes their 1080p look smoother than YouTube 4K in some cases.

What makes this streaming site stand out from the rest is that it allows creators to set subscription prices. All videos are behind a paywall.

Floatplane video sizes and quality specifications 

We recommend creating Floatplane videos in 1080p video resolution and 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio similar to YouTube video specifications.

Floatplane does support 4K video resolution for those creators wanting to upload high-quality video. Video content made for YouTube will also be compatible with Floatplane. 

How to make money on Floatplane

As mentioned earlier, Floatplane doesn’t have an algorithm that recommends videos. This might sound like your videos will get lower views, but the platform has made a conscious effort not to influence users’ decisions. If users want to support a creator, they will pay for the video.

Creators can offer users exclusive packages including live streams, videos, early access, behind the scenes, and more for a subscription rate. Well-known creator who’s now using Floatplane LinusTechTips has a subscriber count of almost 20,000 followers. He offers supporters a starter subscription for $5.00/month or $50.00/year, or a premium subscription for $10.00/month or $100.00/year. They’re incredibly similar subscriptions, but the premium version offers a high bitrate 4K video quality. 

Is Floatplane an alternative to Patreon?

If you think the Floatplane website is more like a Patreon alternative than a YouTube alternative, you're kind of right. However, a long-time viewer of LTT explains that they trust and prefer Floatplane more than Patreon because of the platform's content moderation policies.

How to make a Floatplane video with Clipchamp

You can create engaging and high-quality video content suitable for any video-sharing platform like YouTube, Floatplane, and TikTok with Clipchamp’s free online video editor.  

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