How influencers can invoice their creative work efficiently

Posted February 8, 2022
Written by Uwe

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As a new creator or influencer, it can be awkward asking clients to pay invoices on time. But with these tips, you can receive payments on time and without a hassle.  

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Read on to learn how influencers can invoice their creative work transparently and efficiently.

1. Start with a clear creative brief

Whether you’re invoicing an Instagram sponsored post or a larger project, it can sometimes be difficult to determine clear payment terms with clients. Especially if clients aren’t good at communicating their expectations. 

If your client doesn't supply a creative brief, all influencers should create their own, and approve it with the client before commencing work.

Establishing a well-written creative brief means influencers don’t have to guess what their clients are expecting. It can also avoid misunderstandings between clients and influencers.

A clear creative brief can help get paid fairly and on time. The creative brief should include campaign goals and even things to avoid. 

2. Break payments into installments

Break your payments down into milestones if you want to be paid faster. Receive payments for parts of the project as they're completed, rather than waiting until the very end. Installments help keep the work organized and make sure everything is running as planned. 

You can ask for a percentage of the total project value to lock in the project, such as 25% of the full amount. It's a common payment schedule that influencers use. Influencers are welcome to ask for further installment payments at different stages of the project. If you're being contracted for one-time posts, it may be difficult to break down payments though.

Once you've agreed, make sure this is properly outlined in your invoice so there is no confusion later. You can also add a link on your invoice that goes back to your website where a Stripe payment form is pre-filled and ready to be paid. There are online invoice generators to help create a professional invoice in just two minutes.

3. Send a professional-looking invoice

Send invoices that are clear, easy to read, and look professional. Professional invoices must always include the total invoice amount that’s due, the due date, payment terms and payment instructions. If there's key information missing on the invoice, clients might not know how, where, or when to pay. 

If you're working with a global client, they might require some more specific information on their invoices. Make sure their invoice template is tailored to overseas requirements to avoid confusion and unnecessary emails.

Unprofessional invoices are a document of the past as you can now use free downloadable invoice templates. They’re fully customizable and influencers can even add their own branding. 

Online invoicing systems can also help you stay on top of sending great invoices. They’re perfect for recurring payments. Don’t lose sleep over reminders and payments!

Tip: Send invoices sooner rather than later

The number one thing to do with invoicing clients is to send them soon as the work is completed. If a client hasn’t paid their invoice by the due date stated, don’t be afraid to send a friendly follow-up reminder. Sometimes clients misplace their invoices or have a flooded inbox. So, a gentle reminder can sometimes speed up the process. If invoices continue to be paid irregularly, think about adding in late payment terms in all invoices. This can be another incentive for clients to pay as soon as possible.

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Whether you’ve created a quick project or an in-depth YouTube sponsorship, use a professional invoice and get paid faster.

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