3 creative ways to add videos to email marketing 

Posted April 6, 2021
Written by CustomerThink

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Did you know that emails that include videos offer a 280% higher return than traditional emails? 

Phone screen shows a new email received - 3 creative ways to add videos to email marketing - Clipchamp Blog

Videos give you an opportunity to make your content both educational and engaging. If you’re looking to increase your EDM engagement rate, you can start by sending emails with a video.

According to marketing guru Neil Patel, when you do send a video as a part of an email, make sure you add the word “video” in the subject line of your email as that will increase open rates.

Now let’s explore some easy and creative ways to leverage video content in your next email marketing campaign:

  • Animated GIFs

  • Video infographics

  • Cinemagraphs

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Add an animated GIF

Have an audience of millennials? Use a GIF to be relatable and funny.

When surveyed, around two-thirds of millennials preferred GIFs to words so why not leverage this in your next email newsletter? GIFs can convey the exact meaning and emotion you intend to convey to your audience, and there are sources like GIPHY where you can find the perfect GIF.

Dell had an increase in their revenue of up to 109% when they tested a campaign on Animated GIFs. Similarly, when Helzberg Diamonds coupled Animated GIFs with personalization, it saw an increase of up to 288% in their sales.

Short and engaging, animated GIFs can be created from a long video. It only takes a couple of frames to create a GIF. 

Moira Rose GIF saying you won't want to blink

You can convert any video to a GIF with the help of Clipchamp’s video editor. You can follow this tutorial to create a GIF in minutes.

It’s good practice to keep your GIFs down to six or seven frames and not any longer. Three to four frames is considered to be a sweet spot as this will usually make your content really engaging.

Create a video infographic

Infographics are an eye-catching way to represent data. Static infographics are always very effective when accompanying a lot of text as readers can get the gist of the content by quickly glancing at the image. 

Turn a static infographic into a short video and you will be able to create a lot more excitement and engagement. 

Using a video in your email marketing campaign can also allow you to insert a call to action which will guide your subscribers to click through and visit your website, sign up or purchase your product or service. 

With the help of good video editing tools, you can create a video of the data using different graphs and animations. As this is a bit more time-intensive than creating a GIF, you should make sure that you have a clear understanding of your intended goal so that you can create a video infographic that’s effective.

A common format is a time-lapse video but with data. We recommend these online tools for creating animated video infographics.   

Insert a cinemagraph

Cinemagraphs are apt for promotional emails! Experian reported that they received a higher transaction of up to 72% from their clients when using cinematographs in their email. Similarly, PepsiCo’s campaign showed that cinemagraphs performed 5000% times better than a static image in their emails.

A cinemagraph can be a blend of a GIF with an image or an image with a video. Essentially, in cinemagraphs, only a single image moves and the rest of the images remain static like the example below: 

Example of a Cinemagraph

Clearly, cinemagraphs help you to add some action into your email.

You can make your own using Clipchamp’s video editor. To start, click a picture and record the same picture in the form of a 20-second video to create the loop. You can drag, drop and edit it further in Clipchamp.

Start adding videos to your email marketing campaign

Create videos for your next email newsletter and benefit from higher open rates and engagement!

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