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How to Create a Video Marketing Strategy for Your SaaS Business

Posted January 18, 2021
Written by Surya

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We are all familiar with content marketing now, aren’t we?

It all started with text, then pictures, and now it has explored all kinds of content formats known to a human. Videos are one of the content formats that have marked their success in the marketing world.

To back this up:

  • 87 percent of marketing professionals use video as a marketing tool.

  • 85 percent of all internet users in the United States watched online video content monthly on their devices.

  • Video marketers get 66 percent more qualified leads per year.

(Source: Oberlo)

People say video marketing is the future, but I think the future is here now. And for SaaS businesses, a video marketing strategy can build a content castle bigger than what’s already there in the town.

But if you have a SaaS business that was never inclined toward video marketing, you might have doubted the true importance of it. Let’s clear your doubts, if any.

Can Video Marketing Really Benefit Your SaaS Business?

If you’re yet to set your foot in the video marketing world, you must have wondered about this quite a few times. Well, you are in the right place to discover the true answer to this question.

Yes, videos can bring huge success to your SaaS business.

Let’s go over a few points that can help you understand the tangible benefits of video marketing.

1. Videos can save time & effort for sales

As soon as you start using videos as a part of your sales pitch, they are going to show results. In the past you need to do quantitative vs qualitative research marketing to your business which would take time. But today, videos have always attracted more audience than visuals and text.. Because just text and visuals have limitations in terms of representation.

But videos always communicate more and have the potential of delivering a perfect message. This allows you to save your time and effort by communicating what’s needed through videos. Here is an example of how Uber did it.

2. Videos can boost your SEO ranking

You must have heard the word SEO so many times by now that you might just ignore it. But I promise this will be quick and worth your time.

As we think of video marketing, what strikes us first is Youtube. And not just it, but so many other platforms have claimed to boost SEO rankings for the video and the page that it’s hosted on.

Furthermore, people are more likely to take a stroll on your website after watching your video on Youtube or other social media channels. Remember, the more videos you create, the more traffic you gain. And the more traffic you gain, the higher you boost your rankings on the search engine. 

3. You can easily increase your conversions

Let’s look at the facts first. 97% of video marketers reported that video increased user understanding of a product or service, and 76% reported video helped them increase sales. Moreover, including a video on your landing page can increase conversions by more than 80%. (Spot on)

There is a reason for it. 

Videos, as part of your Saas marketing strategy, give quick answers in a captivating way and that is what the audience wants. With the decreasing attention span and the increasing number of users, it’s best to find a strong video editor and have everything communicated with videos.Because th e key is to engage them and once they do, it’s easier for them to convert and enter your sales funnel

If you have a social media page for your SaaS tool, you can post your videos there and track the results. For example, if your audience usually engages on LinkedIn, you can start launching video campaigns there and use a LinkedIn analytics tool to track engagement and conversion rate, while for SaaS companies, using a management tool like a SaaS metrics dashboard is important in order to have a complete overview of the business's performance and profit.

Now, let’s get to work!

A How-to Guide to Create a Video Marketing Strategy for Your SaaS Business

Software SaaS employees planning - How to Create a Video Marketing Strategy for Your SaaS Business - Clipchamp blog

1. Infographics with Video Features

I know how infographics are self-explanatory when it comes to sharing complex information. And infographics work for a lot of companies but it’s time to improvise. Are you wondering why?

Marketing moves with the world and the world is changing. People are more involved in watching video clips than any other media.

Moreover, when a SaaS company or any other company starts posting infographics, there are chances it might get monotonous after a point and people might just scroll through it. The right thing to do here is to add video-like features to your statistical and research data.

Pro Tip: Using kinetic typography is an advanced approach to video production. With it, you can use dynamic fonts to present your data without being monotonous to the user.

Here are some of the fonts that you can use.

concept piece by fient GIF

Concept piece by Feint - the audience will be mesmerized to stare at it.

Motion wordplay by Atanas Giew GIF

Motion wordplay by Atanas Giew at FourPlus Studio.

2. Answer FAQs in Video Format

The audience prefers videos over text, let’s agree to that. It’s a psychological thing and your SaaS business needs to make the most of it. Now, FAQs are of interest to the audience because they are helpful to them. So, why not make it more interesting!

Record the answers to all the FAQs and use them as helpful video clips. Post these informative videos on your website and other promotional channels to engage with your audience. Make sure you include a changelog to announce new features and explain them with a brief video to increase user engagement and product usage.

This can improve the behavior of the user on your website and you will easily track that people are now spending more time on your website as according to statistics, users spend 2.6x more time on pages that have videos than without.

3. Utilize Storytelling Approach

People want to buy from people and not machines. And to make them believe that, you can use the approach of storytelling. 

As people are always eager to see behind the scenes of the brand, this approach will easily make more people engage with your brand. Because now they will believe that they know more about you.

Storytelling can be approached by showing the process of work, or how your SaaS product was built, etc. This is how you can spread information about your SaaS company at its best and sooner or later, people will start to recognize your brand as they see it. If you have businesses that focuses this approach, check out Filmmaking Lifestyle that will guide and help you build your dream video businesses.

Pro Tip: Humanize your videos as much as possible to get the users to relate more to you.

4. Present Customer Testimonials Through Videos

Businesses nowadays have rushed into gathering reviews and testimonials that so many of them take the wrong way. It has gone up to the level where users don’t easily trust text reviews and testimonials as companies usually make that happen for themselves. So you should take the other way!

To make it more authentic and trustworthy, use videos.

Videos naturally give more transparency as there can be a real person in the video with real feedback, review, or even a testimonial.

Customers are now smart enough to sense a fake review on the internet but when it comes to video testimonials, it’s hard to fake right?

You can jump onto it by asking your customers to record a small video with their mobile device or any other device. They can do this from their home, workplace, and probably anywhere within a few minutes. 

5. Launch Product Demo Videos

Demo videos are the best way to demonstrate your software and let people know how you can help them. 

Fact Check: Users who watched a demo video are 1.81 times more likely to subscribe to your SaaS product.

This particular method is a necessity to most SaaS businesses but it’s worth a mention. In every SaaS product, it’s essential to make people feel familiar with your product. And, a few interactions won’t do it.

So, prepare a product explainer script and invest your time and effort in taking people through your SaaS product. As you do that, remember that your video has to talk about the audience’s pain points. The more your audience relates to you, the more your product will be looked at and bought. For more information, check out the best and effective ways to sell SaaS products.

This is how SocialPilot, a social media marketing tool launched a demo video of their product.


Video marketing is hot right now and in the coming years, it’s going to be more successful than now. Do you know why?

Because the scope of creativity with videos is endless.

Moreover, your SaaS business will have a strong foundation with a ground-breaking video marketing strategy. Utilize video marketing tips from this blog according to your business budget and start producing compelling content right away! Want to continue learning? Check out this SaaS marketing guide.

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