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10 World Mental Health Day celebration ideas

Posted September 11, 2023

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Looking for ways to raise awareness and show support in your workplace on World Mental Health Day? We’ve curated some event and video ideas to help you and your team open the discussion, provide support, and advocate for mental health awareness. 

10 Mental Health Day celebration ideas

October 10th raises awareness about mental health around the world and supports individuals experiencing ongoing mental health issues. The 2023 World Mental Health Day theme is ‘Mental health is a universal human right’.

Take this opportunity to advocate for support, awareness, and open discussions within your workplace through educational videos, social media Stories, and meeting backgrounds. 

1. Quote videos

Creating a quote video to share on social media is the perfect way to show your support and inspire others within your workplace. All you have to do is make a new video using an aesthetic background or stock footage, overlay the quote text, then share directly with your team in HD quality. You can also save your quote as a GIF for easier sharing.    

2. Workplace mental health resources reminder animated video  

Remind your employees about the mental health resources and helplines they have access to through an insightful animated video. List support groups, counselling services, crisis hotlines, and any other exclusive resources your company offers through a voiceover and motion titles. 

3. Tea and talk event for awareness

Hosting a tea and talk event is a great way to unite your work community and raise awareness for the Mental Health Foundation. Schedule a day, time, and location, plan an agender and let your colleagues know how they can contribute or listen in. We recommend setting up a live stream or online viewing as well to include those who can’t make it in person. 

4. Wellbeing tips slideshow video

Create an informative slideshow video sharing your favorite wellness tips to keep a healthy mental health. Wellbeing tips can include stress management ideas, self-care plans, professional help recommendations to name a few. All you have to do is record yourself chatting to your webcam, trim and combine your clips, then share with your team as a slideshow video.  

5. Fundraiser for cause

Support individuals and promote mental health awareness in your workplace by organizing a fundraiser. Select a mental health cause or nonprofit organization, then select an activity that aligns with your workplace. You can facilitate a charity walk, online auction, donation links, and more. Don’t forget to pin your green ribbon to your uniform to advocate for #PinItForMentalHealth.  

If your workplace is prominently online, create a new meeting background with your brand logo and a symbol of mental health awareness. Easily create a background video using stock footage, mental health support stickers, and adding your logo using the brand kit

7. Message from the CEO/leadership with webcam   

Share your positive and supportive message to your employees and customers this World Mental Health Day. Using the online webcam recorder, easily record yourself sharing personal experiences and acknowledging the importance of awareness within the mental health community. Add ambient background music and include helplines and resources in your outro video.  

8. Social media Stories

Share a vertical video or image to your Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and LinkedIn Story encouraging advocacy and awareness related to mental health on the 10th of October. If you’re short on time but still want to show your respect, posting a Story to your business social media accounts is the perfect way to stay involved.  

9. Mindfulness and meditation video

De-stress and promote relaxation through a guided meditation or mindfulness video for employees and viewers to follow along. Add relaxing background music, soothing sound effects, and save directly to YouTube.   

10. Question and answer video

Host a livestream or record a Q&A session with an expert or advocate. Staff and viewers can send their questions anonymously and experts can share their support and feedback in a video. This is the perfect way to emphasize the importance of seeking professional advice and creating a supportive environment. Don’t forget to add auto-captions to make your mental health video easier to watch on mute.  

Create videos and host events within your workplace to help support World Mental Health Day 2023 with Clipchamp video editor or the Clipchamp Windows video editor app.  

Explore more about World Mental Health Day here or gain more support, research and information here.  

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