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How to download Twitch clips to make YouTube videos

Posted March 8, 2021
Written by Milind Mehta

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Twitch is one of the most sought-after platforms for live video streaming today with a majority of streams being gaming content. 

In parallel, YouTube Gaming is evolving to be another platform preferred by gaming content creators that helps them get more visibility.

Several new streamers have started choosing YouTube over Twitch and many others have switched from Twitch to YouTube! This resulted in a lot of content been recycled from Twitch to YouTube with the help of a video editor.

As Twitch does not allow you to download the videos natively from its website, we’ve curated a few ways to download Twitch clips for your ease.

Twitch and Youtube-How to download Twitch clips to make YouTube videos-Clipchamp blog

Here’s what we’ll explore:

  • How to download Twitch clips?

  • How to convert your best Twitch videos into YouTube videos using Clipchamp tools?

How to download Twitch Clips?

Here are few ways to download Twitch video clips:

4k Video Downloader

4k video downloader allows you to download the Twitch video clip by copying the link of a Twitch video clip and pasting the link in their software. Although it seems convenient as you need to install the software, there are a few limitations to it. For example, you cannot record live streams and there are no options to trim the videos. Lastly, please note that software will not work for Chromebook users.

Twitch Leecher

Twitch Leecher is a software that allows you to download Twitch video clips after connecting your Twitch account. It also has a search option to make it easier for you to find Twitch video clips. While downloading the clip, it gives you an option to select and download a portion of the video by inputting the duration based on the timestamp. Worth noting that this software is limited to Windows users only.

Clipchamp’s Screen Recorder

The free screen recorder by Clipchamp is another way to download your Twitch video clips. What is interesting is that this versatile screen recorder can be used as a Twitch clip downloader without leaving your browser. 

Since the recorder allows you to record a browser tab as well as audio, you can record live streams as well.

This screen recorder comes as an add-on feature o Clipchamp’s video editor. With the timeline-style editor, you can trim and clip your recordings, add filters, and video overlay motion text to produce great videos. 

It is supported across all operating systems and boasts of its smooth in-browser UI. You can even convert all your Twitch videos for your YouTube channel. Check out this step-by-step guide on how to record screen online to get started. 

How to convert your best Twitch videos into YouTube videos using Clipchamp tools?

Step 1. Create an account or Log in

Sign up for Clipchamp for free or log in to your existing Clipchamp account.

Sign in-How to download Twitch clips to make YouTube videos-Clipchamp blog

Step 2. Create a new project

Click on Create a video button on the top right corner of Clipchamp create. A pop-up window shall appear within the software asking you to choose between five different formats. Select the format that is best suited for your project, in this case, the 16:9 ratio would be the best to record Twitch video clips.

Create new Project-How to download Twitch clips to make YouTube videos-Clipchamp blog

Step 3. Start screen record

When you open the video editor you will find a Record Screen button located just above the editing timeline. Click on this button, a new window shall appear requesting you to choose the screen that you want to record.  Select the window where you’ve opened Twitch and click the Share button to start recording the Twitch Clip. 

Start screen recording-How to download Twitch clips to make YouTube videos-Clipchamp blog

Step 4. Screen Record with Audio 

If you want to add a live voice-over on the Twitch screen recording, a notification will pop-up and you will need to allow the microphone to record your audio. Alternatively, if you want to record the Twitch video clip’s audio you can select the particular tab where Twitch is open and check the Share Audio box in the bottom left corner of the window. Click on the Share button to start recording your audio.

Screen Record with Audio-How to download Twitch clips to make YouTube videos-Clipchamp blog

Step 5. Record your screen

You’re all set to record your screen, any actions you take within the recording window will be downloaded to the video editor

Step  6. Stop screen recording

While you are recording the top tab that says ‘’ has a button that says stop sharing.  Click on the button to finish your screen recording This will take you to the video editor where a pop-up will ask you to choose either add the project or retake the recording. Click on add the project. The video clip shall appear on the video editor.

Sign in-How to download Twitch clips to make YouTube videos-Clipchamp blog

Step 7. Add the file to the timeline and edit

You need to drag and drop the added video clip to the video editor’s timeline. Since you’re making it for YouTube you need to reach out to a wider audience. You can use multiple cuts, trim the video from places that you don’t want to put in your YouTube video.

Adding transitions and effects can make your video appear professional. If you’ve not added a voiceover already, you can even choose from Clipchamp’s AI voiceover and add music that suits your videos from the endless audio library.

Add the file to the timeline and edit-How to download Twitch clips to make YouTube videos-Clipchamp blog

Step 8. Export and Upload

Once you’re done editing, re-check your timeline and play through the entire video to be sure that you want to export. When you’re sure you can click on the export button that you’ll find in the top right corner of the software.

Since most of YouTube’s users are on mobile devices and most of the mobile devices now come with 1080p FullHD screens. You can choose to export your Twitch video clip on 1080p so that it is uploaded on YouTube on FullHD resolution.

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