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Our Guide to the Best Video Hosting Sites

Posted August 12, 2020

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Our Guide to the Best Video Hosting Sites

Have you created a stand out video but are unsure of where you should upload and share? Paid advertising is a big focus for video marketers, however choosing the right hosting website to share your content long-term is just as important. You want to make the most out of the platform, gaining as much exposure as possible. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some of the best video hosting sites and help you pick the right one for your video content. In it we’ll discuss:

  • What is video hosting?

  • Is using a video hosting site better than posting my own videos?

  • Free video hosting websites.

  • How to use Clipchamp share pages.

What is video hosting?

If you’ve never even heard of the term ‘video hosting site’, don't fear – we’ll explain everything you need to know. A

(think YouTube and Vimeo) allows users to upload and share their video content online for endless viewers to watch. Once your video is uploaded, the server also generates an embed code for you to insert your video content onto other pages, like your own website.

Is using a video hosting site better than posting my own videos?

The quick answer? Yes – video hosting websites will work much better than DIY. Even though your video ad may only be a couple of minutes long, the video file size will be large. This means hosting your own video content can take up a lot of your storage space and dedicated server bandwidth.

Minimal space means more room for glitches to occur. An error appearing halfway through your ad is irritating for viewers, as well as leading to potential quality and browser compatibility problems. Some websites often place restrictions on bandwidth which can be used up with just a single video.

Third-party hosting sites make the process a lot simpler for you. You can upload your video without knowing the technicalities of hosting or even understanding anything about programming. To avoid all potential complications, use a video sharing platform like YouTube or Vimeo. There are so many to choose from, so let us help find the best option for you.

Free video hosting websites


We’ve all watched something on YouTube in the past week. Whether it’s a tutorial, funny meme, daily vlog or keeping up with the latest news, YouTube is by far the largest video sharing website accessible to users on the internet. If you didn’t know already, YouTube is owned by the largest search engine in the world (Google), fuelling its massive user base and high ranking search results.

Why choose YouTube?

  • YouTube is free to use, with no data storage or bandwidth limitations.

  • Online free video storage.

  • Upload a single video of up to 128GBS.

  • Easily embed videos using custom generated codes.

  • Earn ad revenue.

  • Gain followers and a larger audience.

  • Monetize content.

  • Insights to your contents analytics.

Sounds awesome right? The only con to using YouTube as your video host is you won't be able to pick and choose what ads are placed on your content. Ads will be displayed before or after your video, even overlaid throughout. This may not be a deal breaker for businesses as YouTube does offer a ‘Skip Ad’ option on longer ads.

Video hosting YouTube


Unlike YouTube, Vimeo is ad free. If you’re looking for a platform with no viewing interruptions, Vimeo might be the one for you. If we compare YouTube and Vimeo, YouTube has a larger community, leaving your audience to be a little bit smaller when using Vimeo (240 million monthly users). On the other hand, Vimeo has a higher video quality rate, making your campaigns look more professional.

Why choose Vimeo?

  • Free account with basic privacy settings and statistics.

  • Up to 25GB of data storage.

  • No limits on bandwidth, file size and video length.

  • Ad-free.

  • Cross compatible between devices.

Video hosting Vimeo


Just like YouTube, Facebook has an extremely large audience size. Typically known for its social media and messaging status, Facebook can be a very handy video host as well. Billions of videos are watched on Facebook weekly, giving your video a better chance to be found and seen.

Facebook is best suited for creators who have not established a large audience yet, and marketers looking to build brand awareness. If you’re interested in using Facebook as your video hosting platform, Clipchamp offers an easy to use Facebook video ad maker. Create stunning video ads that your audience will love in minutes! Share your videos directly to Facebook.

Why choose Facebook?

  • Free video hosting.

  • Share videos directly on Facebook.

  • Build an even bigger audience through social media.

  • Limitless file storage.

Video hosting Facebook


We've created our own hosting option – Clipchamp share pages. Skip the middleman and upload to social media straight from the video exporting process in our online video editor! Once you have finished creating your masterpiece in Clipchamp, you can now upload your video to social media and YouTube directly with a simple click. Our tutorial video below will show you exactly how to upload from the export page to YouTube.

You can also save, or copy and paste your personal embed link and url. Just click ‘COPY’ and your url or embed link will automatically copy.

Why choose Clipchamp?

  • Free video hosting.

  • Option for private sharing.

  • Ad free.

  • Share straight from Clipchamp.

Video hosting Clipchamp

How to use Clipchamp share pages


If your audience includes viewers with slow connection speed, this is the video host you’re looking for. StreamingVideoProvider offers high-quality, smooth video playback in any place in the world due to its global video CDN, including Mainland China.

You can easily share your content on social media or with a unique link and prevent video downloads or add a dynamic watermark to prevent recordings. The platform offers multiple features to upload files and import your existing content for a pain-free migration. They support large video files and it It works on Android, IOS, PC, Mac, and Smart TV. They have a 15 day free trial with all the features enabled, if you want to check it out.

Why choose Streaming Video Provider?

  • Monetize your videos with pay-per-view and subscriptions

  • Pre-sell tickets to your live events

  • Stream to multiple sites at the same time (multistreaming)

  • Organize private live streams and protect your videos with passwords

One last tip!

If you're needing help creating a video to upload, check out all of our helpful blogs with lots of tips and tricks inside. If you’re lacking in footage, use our stock footage to help create the video you’re envisioning. Also, you can seek the best solutions from a software company.

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