Bring your movie to life

Turn everyday photos and videos into memorable movies ready for social media. Easily make videos with catchy titles, music, transitions and effects right from your web browser.

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Tell your stories with the best free video editor

Easy movie maker for any skill level

Edit your videos like big budget movies without the big price tag! Create professional video content no matter your skill level. Trim, crop, rotate and even use effects like green screen, AI text to speech voiceovers and animated titles among other pro features.

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Save in high quality

Impress viewers wherever they are watching—smartphones, laptops or TV screens. Save and export your movie video files in MP4 format with our high-definition resolutions.

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Share directly to social media

Easily save your movie to your laptop, or select one of Clipchamp’s save and share integrations like YouTube, TikTok, LinkedIn, OneDrive, among others. Just copy and share your video's unique Clipchamp link if your movie is too large to send via email.

How to use the free movie maker

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    Open Clipchamp and create a new video. Add your photos and video clips to your media library.

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    Drag and drop video, audio, photos, and titles into the timeline. Create your movie video and add motion titles, special effects, and transitions.

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    When you’re satisfied with your video, save the movie in 1080p resolution.


Make a movie in minutes with Clipchamp’s stock videos

Select from 1 million+ stock images and videos and then drag, drop, and edit!


Use green screen videos like a pro

Learn how to use special effects like green screens without spending like it’s a big budget Hollywood movie.

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Take simple slideshow videos to the next level

Learn how to create professional-looking videos without recording your own audio and video footage.



New to creating videos? Here’s how to storyboard. 

If you’re not sure where to start, explore how to create a storyboard for video.


Clipchamp is the new Windows Movie Maker

Clipchamp—the web app that uses the full power of your PC—has joined Microsoft!

Start creating videos with confidence with Microsoft and Clipchamp.