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Kami telah berintegrasi dengan TikTok untuk membantu agar video Anda ditonton lebih banyak pemirsas. Buat konten dengan mudah menggunakan Clipchamp, posting ke platform sosial yang mendunia

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Starting your TikTok? Duet right.

  • Create short, sharp and snappy content about anything you love and watch your video views grow on the world's favorite hangout.

  • New to TikTok? Here's what you should know about making TikTok videos including size, video trends, aesthetics, ads and video editing.

  • Want to get TikTok famous? Level up your content by knowing what your viewers like to watch using TikTok analytics.

TikTok for creators 

Want to make it big? Be relatable, jump on trends and add a dash of unique humor to videos. A powerful algorithm and unmatched community effect make TikTok the perfect social media to make videos you love and even make money as a creator.

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Top video ideas for creators 

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No story off limits! Micro-vlog your day or talk about "that time when" and find a community that relates and laughs with you. Good TikTokers spill "all the tea", use perfect loops and turn vlogs into a series. Start with vlogs about lifestyle, beauty, recipes or even workplace humor. Add GIFs and music to match the mood.

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Trends and challenges videos

You snooze, you lose! TikTok's #challenges, FYP recipes or trending sounds provide endless content ideas for all creators to try. Good TikTokers put their unique spin on what's trending and add an element of surprise to hook viewers in. You can also create your own trend by making an AI voice over.

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Review videos

Share your hot takes! Post UGC reviews and tutorial videos of a product to introduce it to TikTok or myth bust if TikTok made you buy it. Good UGC creators do thorough research recording their opinions and use split screen video editing. If you can build trust with viewers, it can lead to sponsorship deals to create UGC ads.

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TikTok for marketing

Sell with smiles! Great marketing on TikTok is all about blending into the For You Page and being creative to drive buzz around your brand. Try native marketing with #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt or invest in UGC and TikTok ads. The possibilities are endless—just don't be sales-y and skippable.

Top video ideas for marketing

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Product launch videos

TikTok loves what's new. No matter your product niche, there's a TikTok subculture for it. Great launch ads are 9-15 seconds, link to their website through a personalized call-to-action button and most importantly, blend into the feed. You can also create a branded filter or branded hashtag challenge ad campaign.

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Sales announcements

TikTok exclusive sales can boost your brand! Create a branded promo or simply reuse one of your existing TikToks as a Spark ad. Good sales ads use dynamic video editing and fun graphics. You can also partner with creators who match your target audience to promote your sale to leverage the community effect.

Tutorial videos

The proof is in the pudding! Demo or tutorial videos are an assured way to get your viewers keen. Most demo videos use dramatic transitions, TikTok Stitches, a facecam overlay or AI voice over to narrate the process and show results. Make sure the results shown are authentic or this can create bad PR for your brand in the comments.

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TikTok for businesses

Build trust with TikTok! Showcase your corporate culture with humor or offer a sneak peak behind the day-to-day at your business. Feature employees or customers to entertain both brand loyals and new viewers. Keep the storytelling real and don't overproduce these with your logo. Use royalty-free sounds that match your niche to gain momentum.

Top video ideas for businesses 

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Behind-the-scenes videos

What makes your business tick? Whether it’s packing orders, employee stories or an office tour, people enjoy seeing what make your business come to life. Good BTS videos often highlight employees and feature quirky questions beyond work, and GIFs or memes to match their responses. Make sure to add captions if you have a global audience.

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Inclusive campaign videos

Share your stand. From Pride Month to International Women's Day, TikTok engages in both discourse and activism. Good inclusivity videos use an honest storytelling style to share initiatives and commitments to change. Accompany your video marketing with a branded effect to make an impactful campaign.

Talking head videos

Find the next office TikTok star! Using a host can increase brand recall of your TikTok videos. Great talking head videos share honest takes about highlights and lowlights of work, or interview others around the office. If you use a host, make sure they represent your brand values well. Bonus points if they have a good sense of humor.

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Frequently asked questions

  • Yes. Clipchamp’s online video editor is free for all users to create and share TikTok videos. If you would like to use one of the premium TikTok video templates, sign up to the Essentials plan.

  • Brands cannot generate TikTok ads for free, however, posting organic video content on TikTok is free. If you don’t have a TikTok marketing budget, we recommend creating a company TikTok account and growing your profile organically with the help of our tips and tricks

  • Yes. Clipchamp’s iOS auto-captioning tool lets you easily add captions to make your videos more accessible, without leaving your smartphone. You can also add auto-captions to your video on desktop, download your SRT file, and create a transcript for free.

  • Yes. Your privacy is important to us. To publish TikTok videos directly from Clipchamp, you’ll need to accept Microsoft’s terms and conditions. If you do not wish to accept the terms, you will be unable to upload your videos directly from Clipchamp to TikTok.

  • Yes. If your target audience is younger, then TikTok is the right platform for you. TikTok is also a lot easier to gain exposure faster, but building a community on YouTube has more monetization opportunities.

  • Tidak ada watermark pada video yang diekspor jika Anda menggunakan aset media Anda sendiri atau aset gratis dari pustaka stok Clipchamp. 

    Akan ada watermark pada video yang disimpan jika Anda menambahkan stok premium atau fitur yang tidak termasuk dalam paket gratis seperti kit merek. Anda bisa menghapus watermark dengan meningkatkan ke paket premium yang menyertakan fitur berbayar. Anda akan melihat notifikasi di Clipchamp jika video Anda berisi fitur berbayar yang tidak termasuk dalam paket yang Anda gunakan. Anda akan diberikan opsi cara mengekspor dengan atau tanpa watermark dalam keadaan demikian.

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