How to embed a YouTube video in Google Slides

Posted November 5, 2021

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Want to make your Google Slide presentation go from boring to fun and engaging? Embed a YouTube video in your presentation. 

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Your presentation is important, and so is keeping your audience engaged to learn and understand your key messages. Adding video can capture the attention of your viewers, keep them entertained for longer and add another element to your Google Slide presentation. 

Read on to learn how to easily embed videos in your Google Slide presentation, the benefits of embed videos, and how to make a video for your Google Slides presentation. You’ll never forget how to embed videos ever again! 

  • Benefits of embedding YouTube videos in Google Slides 

  • How to add a YouTube video to Google Slides 

  • An easy way to make a video for your Google Slides presentation

Why it’s important to embed videos into your Google Slides presentation

Add videos to your Google Slide presentation to convey your message faster, and keep your audience’s attention for longer. Let’s explore our top 5 reasons why you should embed a YouTube video in your next presentation. 

1. Video immediately captures your audience’s attention

If you want to capture the attention of your audience from the very beginning, show a video at the start of your presentation rather than at the end. 81% of video viewing sessions capture people’s attention straight away. 

2. Adding video to suit all learning styles

Adding videos to your Google Slides will make your presentation appeal to all levels of learners and individuals who are visual learners. Embed videos are also able to have subtitles or captions to help viewers understand the video even if they can’t hear it. 

3. Video provides a break for the presenter and audience

Google Slide presentations are often broken up with videos to give the audience something to watch and engage with, rather than listening to the presenter. While the embed video is playing, the presenter is also able to take a short break from speaking, check over their notes, and have a drink of water.

4. Embedded videos generate discussion with the audience

Embed videos in Google Slide presentations can motivate viewers to engage in further discussion and share their opinions after watching the video. 

5. Videos are easy to watch and understand

With direct access to a strong internet connection, presenters can embed video into their Google Slides presentation for viewers to enjoy. Video is easy to digest, watch, and listen to.

How to add a YouTube video to Google Slides

Follow our step-by-step guide on how to easily add a YouTube video to your presentation. 

Step 1. Open your Google Slides presentation

Head over to your Google Drive and open the Google Slide presentation you would like to add videos to. Double click on your presentation to open it. 

Step 1. Open your Google Slides presentation

Step 2. Click on the presentation slide

Select the particular slide you would like to embed the video too. 

Step 2. Click on the presentation slide

Step 3. Embed video to Google Slide 

Click on the Insert tab on the top toolbar, then click on the Video tab. An Insert video box will appear on your screen and you will be presented with three different embed video options. 

  1. Click on the Search tab to search through YouTube’s video selection, 

  2. Click on the By URL to copy and paste a YouTube link, or 

  3. Click on Google Drive to insert a YouTube video saved onto your Google Drive. 

We have chosen to copy and paste a YouTube video URL. 

Step 3. Embed video to Google Slide 

In a new tab, head over to YouTube and copy the URL of your desired embedded video. Click back onto the Google Slides tab, and paste your copied URL into the URL box. Click Submit when you’re ready to continue. 

How to add YouTube video to Google Slides - step 3b

Step 4. Edit your embed video

Now that your video has been embedded in your presentation, you’re able to move the thumbnail/video preview around the Google Slide and change the size. 

Click on the embed video. A blue box with handles will appear around the embedded video. Drag and drop the video around your Google Slide to change its position, then drag and drop the blue handles to alter its size. 

You can also edit the video under the Format options tab on the right toolbar. Here, you can set your video to automatically play at a specific timeframe.

Step 4. Edit your embed video

Easily make a video for Google Slides

Don’t have a favorite YouTube video published yet? Create a YouTube video for your Google Slides presentation in just a few clicks with Clipchamp’s free online video editor.

Follow our helpful explainer video on how to edit a video with Clipchamp for all the tips and tricks you’ll need to know. Edit clips of all sizes directly in-browser without the hassle of inconvenient uploads. If you’re stuck for ideas, browse our library of fully customizable video templates, made by professionals, tailored for your industry. Once you have finished editing your masterpiece, simply save your video in 1080p resolution and directly upload it to YouTube. You can even make an existing YouTube video into a funny GIF to add to your Google Slides presentation.


FAQ 1. How can I upload my YouTube video faster?

Are you having trouble uploading your YouTube video to YouTube or it’s taking forever to load? Make sure you have a strong internet connection before starting any YouTube uploads. If your video is taking forever to load, try resaving your YouTube video in 720p instead of 1080p to reduce the file size. 

FAQ 2. Can I embed different videos multiple times in Google Slides?

Yes. You can embed many different YouTube videos on your Google Slides presentation. Just be sure that they’re all relevant to your speech. 

FAQ 3. How long does the YouTube video have to be?

Usually, a video that is 30 seconds to 1 minute long is all your need in your Google Slide presentation. If your YouTube video is longer then select specific timeframes within the video to show your audience. You can do this under the Format options tab in Google Slides. 

Add videos to Google Slide presentations with ease

Whether you’re presenting as a teacher, student, or business owner, engaging your audience should always be your number one priority. Google Slide presentations are memorable and effective when adding a video to a slide or two. 

Create an engaging video to upload to YouTube and add to any presentation with Clipchamp’s online video editor.

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