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How to use video marketing in stages of your funnel

Posted January 19, 2022
Written by Joy Corkery

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Video marketing is more popular than ever before. Brands can share videos on social media about absolutely anything. From product demo videos, behind the scenes, to sale announcements, and customer testimonials video marketing can be a powerful tool for all industries. 

But video marketing isn’t just about capturing the attention of existing customers. It can compel unaware users into purchasing customers as well. And with a bit of smart planning, your business can build a video marketing campaign that can generate sales in no time. 

How to use video marketing in stages of your funnel

Read on to explore how to make the best types of videos for each stage of your brand marketing funnel. 

What is a video marketing funnel?

Similar to your content marketing funnel, video marketing funnels guide your target audience all the way through the buyer's journey. The goal of a video marketing funnel is to gain your audience's attention, educate them, convert them into paying customers, and retain buyers using videos at each stage. 

What is a video marketing funnel?

Why video marketing is important in sales funnels

There’s no surprise watching a marketing video is the preferred way to learn. 72% of consumers prefer video to learn about a product or service, rather than reading a block of text. And 8 out of 10 people have purchased a piece of software or app after watching a brand’s video. Video is a persuasive and motivating tool to help potential customers move through the funnel faster. 

Stages of your brand marketing funnel

Video marketing can be a beneficial tool at any stage of any marketing campaign. Let’s take a look at the different stages of your brand marketing funnel and what types of videos will best represent each stage.

1. People who are unaware of your brand

At the top of your funnel, you’ll find individuals who have never heard of your brand before. 

When creating video marketing campaigns targeted towards unaware audiences, you should always aim to showcase who you are, and what your brand can do for people. Capture your audience's attention within the first 5 seconds of your video, through eye-catching and branded visuals. Share positive, uplifting footage of people using your product, and having their pain points solved. Viewers will be more inclined to relate to your video if there is human interaction. You can also edit your marketing video by adding text or a text-to-speech voiceover to further engage your audience. 

2. People who are aware of your brand

The next brand awareness stage is made up of people who are aware of your brand but haven’t formed their opinion yet or purchased. 

Treat this stage very similar to the unaware stage. Show viewers who your brand is and what you have to offer, but add in lots more detail. Answer any questions you think viewers may have, and showcase real-life customers. Testimonials and short explainer videos work best for this stage of the video marketing funnel. 

3. Potential customers who are considering your brand

Further down the awareness funnel, you can find potential customers who are interested in your brand and are already active. 

This video marketing stage is a great opportunity to show existing followers and customers that you appreciate them. Along with a few bonus tips on how to make the most out of your product or service. Continuing to serve repeat customers is significantly cheaper and easier than finding new ones. So these videos should always encourage customers to stay on board with your business long term. 

Personalized customer retention videos are perfect for this video marketing stage. With the right tools, you can customize your videos with your customers' names, stats about their time with you, their purchases, and what they love about your product or service. Share these videos with them on social media or via email, on a specific anniversary date. It might spark interest to make future purchases. 

4. Advocates of your brand

Brand advocates are more than just loyal customers. They are repeat customers who recommend your business to friends and family and are willing to leave positive reviews and feedback on social media. These customers are certainly worth rewarding with direct engagement. 

Personalized customer retention and testimonial videos are the perfect fit for this stage of the funnel. Advocates can help bring new customers on board with videos, especially if there is a reward on offer. Loyal customers can record their review style videos with a free online webcam recorder, Then share them directly via email or social media. 

Maximize your brand funnel for video marketing

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