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Use Clipchamp to create Instagram videos that stop the scroll. Use our customisable ad makers to create content that promotes your brand — with editable audio, captions, transitions, and more.

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The right ratios

We've created two ad makers to help you make ads in all of the dimensions you need. Use our 1:1 Instagram ad maker for feed videos and our 9:16 Instagram story ad maker for stories and IGTV. You'll never need to worry about resizing again.

Text and titles

Choose from our range of groovy text animations to add captions to your Instagram video. You can resize, change the positioning and adjust the colours to suit your Instagram theme.

Audio additions

Add music to instagram videos by choosing from one of our royalty-free tracks in the stock library, or uploading one of your own songs. Use a music background video and sync your track to your footage.

Instagram ad maker

Instantly create 1:1 video ads for your audience's Instagram feeds. Captivate potential customers with a mix of high quality stock footage, transitions, audio and text.

Instagram ad maker

Instagram story ad maker

Produce dynamic 9:16 videos fit for Instagram stories and IGTV. Combine stock video and audio, text and transitions directly in your web browser.

Instagram story ad maker


The Ultimate Guide to Instagram Video Ads

Find out everything you need to know about Instagram video lengths, resolutions, formats and styles in our Ultimate Guide to Instagram Videos. We cover each placement including in-feed ads, stories, carousel ads and more, plus a template to help you get started.

The Ultimate Guide to Instagram Videos

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We've created the quickest, easiest way to make Instagram video ads directly in your web browser – all you need to add is your ideas.

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