Online Video Editor


Use Clipchamp to edit videos for free in your browser without having to slowly upload the files first.
Simply select or record a video, then use all editing features right away.


Editing options include trimming, rotating, cropping, flipping and adjusting the brightness, colour and saturation of your videos. Clipchamp’s free video editor is built into the Convert/Record/Edit/Compress product.


All editing features are designed for simplicity - no need for any IT or video editing skills to use them. Edited videos can get converted to MP4, WebM & more. Works in your browser on Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome OS.


Save edited videos and webcam recordings to your computer. Upload them to YouTube, Google Drive, Facebook or Vimeo. Compress them to get smaller file sizes for easier social media use.


Browser-based Video Editor

Our video editor is part of the Clipchamp Convert/Record/Edit/Compress product. Start free and edit up to 5 videos per month. Edit as many videos as you like and get a number of extra Pro features in the Professional Plan.

Perfect for editing any video online without having to download anything! Even worked on my Chromebook, you’re the best!

The best Video Editor for any project


Trim the beginning and end of videos to cut off unwanted parts. Useful if you recorded a video but were not ready to talk yet right when the recording started. Reduce videos to their most important snippet.


Rotate video files clockwise or counterclockwise, by 90, 180 or 270 degrees. Useful if you recorded a video in portrait mode on your phone but want to save a copy in landscape mode before sharing it online.


Crop frames of your video so that only a segment of the original video frame appears in the output video. Useful if you see a green bar at the top of an old recording that you digitized for instance. Preserve the video’s 16:9 or 4:3 aspect ratio or crop freestyle.


Flip and mirror videos including webcam recordings. Useful if you recorded a video and notice that text that appears in the video is mirrored - flipping will correct this problem. Works horizontally and vertically.


Adjust colour, saturation and brightness in a video to make it look better, brighter, splashier. Useful if you recorded in dim lighting and would like to make it easier for viewers to see more details of the video for instance.


Clipchamp editing options work with many video file types including MP4. WebM, MOV and FLV. Edit iPhone videos, webcam recordings, Chromebook clips and more. While compressing and sharing your videos you can optimize them by editing them optionally.

Start editing videos

Start with the free plan - process up to 5 videos per month. Get unlimited videos and premium features in the Professional plan.

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