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Cara Mengedit Rekaman Zoom agar Enak Ditonton

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Zoom has fast become the holy grail of communication tools for corporate and salespeople connecting socially distant colleagues around the globe and entertaining them with custom Zoom backgrounds and potato filters along the way. Sales professionals have also had to adapt to new strategies and now present sales pitches via video conferencing in the recent work-from-home lifestyle. 

How to edit your Zoom recordings for better viewing CC Thumnail

Although, as with any new solution, Zoom isn’t perfect. Sometimes we miss calls. We have to wrangle kids, cats, or bad internet connections. Or maybe we have another meeting that clashes with the Zoom schedule. Whatever the reason, it’s important for business managers to record and share workplace Zoom calls for those who missed out. 

Sounds pretty simple right? Not exactly. Sure, you can record your entire meeting and email it to the team. But if you do, rest assured it'll be filled with awkward pauses and silences, chit-chat and mics on mute. 

As for sales pitches, or client follow-ups, the most efficient and effective way to get your point across without losing your audience’s attention will be editing your Zoom recording before sharing it with potential clients.

How to record on Zoom

Let’s discuss how anyone can record their Zoom calls. 

  1. Start a Zoom meeting as a host.

  2. Click the circle Record button. 

  3. Select Record on this computer. 

  4. Click Participants to see which participants are currently recording. 

  5. Once your meeting has ended, Zoom will convert the recording so you can access the files. 

  6. Once the meeting is downloaded, the folder containing the recording will automatically open. 

How to record on Zoom

In a lot of corporate video conferencing and Zoom calls? If you’re struggling to find a professional-looking background at home for your video conferencing call, or on the go, Clipchamp’s ready-to-use Zoom backgrounds will come in handy. 

The best tips to edit your Zoom recording

Whether you’re video conferencing a sales pitch, weekly check-in or discussing a new video idea for your business, you can follow these tips and edit your Zoom recording for free in Clipchamp’s online video editor. 

Here are our best tips for editing your Zoom recordings salespeople need to know about. 

1. Brand your video conferencing recording

Firstly, if your video recording is going to be sent to different teams, businesses or clients, you want them to know exactly whose video they are watching.

Adding a branded intro video and outro video or logo screen if it’s an internal company communication, webinar or sales pitch.

1. Brand your video conferencing recording

2. Cut out the clutter in sales pitches

When you revisit your Zoom recording, you’ll likely notice you’re spending more than a few minutes watching irrelevant footage. Small talk, technical issues or even a sneeze  – the list goes on. 

Clean up your video conferencing recordings and make them more professional. How? By trimming away anything that’s not necessary. 

3. Add structure to video conferencing

Now that your video is filled with need-to-know info only, it’s time to add some structural elements. Start off by giving your video a title and intro. Add in motion titles to indicate the names of speakers. Helpful for big global companies. Also helpful if a salesperson is trying cold outreach or “outbound prospecting”

Then, split your video conferencing call into logical sections. For example, a sales team meeting could be split into the following sections: 

  • The video conferencing meeting agenda, 

  • Setting this month’s sales goals, 

  • Team Q&A.

The structure of your video conferencing call can be added with features likeoverlays, motion titles and intros and outros. Visual separation can really help viewers absorb more information and indicate when it’s a good time for a coffee break.

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