How to get sponsored on Instagram

Updated April 18, 2023

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Are you a content creator eager to start making money on Instagram? With Instagram users trusting influencers for honest review videos and advice, Instagram video sponsorships are a great first step to long-term brand partnerships and building an online community. Explore everything you need to know about video marketing and influencer marketing on Instagram, even if you have under 1000 followers. 

What are Instagram sponsorships? 

If you’re not too sure what sponsored posts on Instagram are, they’re simply paid videos and image posts made by creators shouting out a brand or using and explaining a particular product or service. Most of the time sponsored posts on Instagram just look like regular organic content, so you’ve most likely scrolled past a few already. From food subscription boxes to skincare products, influencers can promote absolutely anything that resonates with their audience. But steer clear of promoting products or services that aren’t relatable as your followers just for the compensation as this might just make your opinions less valuable. 

So, what does a sponsored post on Instagram look like?  

  • Sponsored Instagram content can be in the form of Reels, Stories, in-feed posts, and livestreams.  

  • Sponsored videos usually come in the form of a demo video, tutorial video, organic image, and haul videos.  

  • All sponsored Instagram posts should include the ‘paid partnership’ under their username, or ‘ad’, ‘sponsored’ or ‘gifted’ in the posts caption.  

  • Instagram sponsored content usually includes a discount code for followers. 

How to create a sponsored video on Instagram

Effortlessly create professional sponsored posts on Instagram and amaze your audience with Clipchamp’s free online video editor. If you’ve never made a sponsored video before or are looking for inspiration, start off with a designer video template that fits Instagram’s aspect ratio and format requirements already. Completely customize a video template to suit your aesthetic by editing the text, colors, and add branding, overlays, stickers, and more. You can even make your sponsored posts more accessible and easier to watch on mute with the help of auto-captions.  

Make sure to share your videos for review with the brand you’re working with before sharing to Instagram. Just export your video and use the sharable video link, or upload to one of Clipchamp’s integrations like Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive.  

How to get sponsorships on Instagram  

1. Decide what content you want to create

Before receiving any Instagram ad sponsorship opportunities, you’ll need to define your social media brand. Consider what target audience you want to create content for and find your Instagram aesthetic. A successful content creator has easy-to-distinguish styles and themes, so their profile is recognizable when scrolling. Sponsored Instagram posts should also reflect the same aesthetic and trend as your profile.

2. Post consistently on Instagram

Consistency is key when posting on Instagram with a recommended one post per day to keep up with Instagram’s algorithm. The more you share on Instagram, the higher your chance is for your profile to be found and viewed. To make consistent posts less time consuming, batch create content on Instagram.  

3. Create a video resume or video portfolio

Stand out from your competitors by creating an eye-catching video resume or video portfolio instead. Highlight your personality, how you can promote their brand, and what you have to offer. Include a showreel of statistics and target audience, your followers, viewer, and like count. Removing all ghost followers is also a good idea to keep your Instagram profiles credibility.

4. Know your Instagram rates

When a brand is skimming through thousands of emails daily, make sure your email responses are easy-to-read and straightforward. Send through your rates inside your portfolio along with any content packages you offer with examples of earlier brand deals. Make sure you’re clear about commissions and what you expect in return for your sponsored work. The goal is to form a long-term relationship with the brand, not just a one-time payment. 

5. Make your Instagram accessible to brands and sponsors

If a brand wants to work with you, they need a fast way to contact you. Instead of relying on direct messages, set up your Instagram profile to include an email button. Add your business email address to your bio and button so brands can easily click to contact you. 

6. Make your Instagram profile visible

Taking initiative and creating content without being asked is one of the best ways to be found and score a potential Instagram ad sponsorship. Video marketing like review videos, demo videos, unboxing videos and even Stories including the brands tag will give you a better chance of being noticed. When brands see the dedication, time, and effort you’re putting into making content and genuinely loving their product, they’re more likely to repost your content on their Instagram account and may even gift you their new collections in the future. It’s free advertising for brands to be recognized.  

7. Keep up with Instagram’s newest updates and features  

A top priority for influencers on Instagram is staying relevant and on-trend, all year round. Keeping up to date with Instagram’s latest features and creating diverse content will show brands you’re a good candidate for their sponsored posts. Don’t forget to repurpose Reels to your Story to generate more reach and impressions, using relevant stickers and links.

8. Seek brand approvals and accept feedback

When working with brands, they usually require a specific script to be included in a sponsored video. Make sure to always stick to the video or image guidelines both in the caption and within the video. Stay focused on portraying the brands aesthetic and create content relevant to their target audience, as well as your own. Once you have created a draft, share your video with the brand using Clipchamp’s shareable video link, or a low resolution 480p draft export to gain valuable feedback first before posting.  

9. Be friendly, respectful, and a positive content creator

Throughout the whole process of contacting a brand, working with them, and staying connected after the post is complete, you must always be well mannered, honest, and respectable. It is extremely important to stick to deadlines that have been agreed on, never be rude or stubborn, and always stay committed to the task. Clarify with the brand before you start creating any Instagram sponsored content to avoid miscommunications and conflict.

10. Sign up with a PR agency

Lastly, if you’re not keen on reaching out to brands or waiting for sponsorships to land in your inbox, sign up to an influencer marketing agency to save you valuable time. Influencer marketing agencies do all the hard work for you, connecting you with relevant brands and finding the leads on your behalf. They can even help with structuring a sponsored video with you if you’re unsure where to start. 

Frequently asked questions

What’s the difference between creator and brand sponsored posts on Instagram?

Creator sponsored posts are made by an influencer or content creator for a brand on request. The content is usually posted on the creator's Instagram profile with the right tags, hashtags, and promotional codes. The sponsoring brand usually compensates the influencer with money, gifted products, or services, or through an affiliate program.  

Brand sponsored posts are image or video posts shared by the brand that include a paid promotion to generate more views, likes, followers, and engagement. These posts will look like organic in-feed posts, but they will have a ‘sponsored’ label under the Instagram username. Brands can pay for sponsored posts to appear in their target audience’s feed.

How much can I make being sponsored on Instagram?

The options are endless when it comes to brand deals on Instagram. Paid sponsorship rates are figured out by your follower count and engagement rate before signing a brand deal. Brands will either accept your rates or politely decline.  Paid sponsorships can range anywhere from $10 per 1000 Instagram followers, or an agreed sum decided by the brand per post.

How many followers do I need to get sponsored on Instagram?

There is no required minimum number of followers to get sponsored on Instagram. Having over 10,000 followers will get you started as Instagram offers more features to those accounts. 

How hard is it to get sponsored on Instagram?

No. If you have an engaged audience, create authentic content, are honest with your viewers, and follow the above tips and tricks, it isn’t hard to be noticed by brands.

How to get your dog sponsored on Instagram?

Yes. Even your furry friends can be sponsored on Instagram! Create an Instagram account for your pet and follow the same rule of thumb for your own profile. Consistently post, interact with followers, and prove to brands why your pet is the best fit for their paid promotions.

Ready to get noticed on Instagram and score a sponsorship? Create authentic and on-trend videos with Clipchamp’s free online video editor. If you want to more tips and tricks on social media sponsorships, head over to how to make money with review videos on TikTok.

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