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Use Clipchamp's free online video editor to create Instagram videos that stop the scroll. Use customisable video templates for your industry to promote your brand — with editable audio, captions, transitions, and more.

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Instagram video length

Make the right impact by creating Instagram videos no longer than 60 seconds. Sources suggest 30 seconds as the sweet spot for Instagram video length.

While IGTV and Instagram video stories lengths are capped at 60 minutes and 15 seconds respectively, Instagram feed videos are limited to max 60 seconds. This may sound daunting as you try to squeeze in high value content into your video. However, short length videos on social media tend to perform better since people are likelier to watch and share them. Make the first 3 seconds as eye catching as possible to grab your viewers attention.

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The right dimensions

Your Instagram feed video can be square, portrait-style or landscape. It helps to use the precise dimensions supported by the platform.

Avoid having your videos cropped by using the landscape (16:9), square (1:1), or portrait (4:5) dimensions. This will help you ensure that your branding, captions or titles stay within frame. Go one step further and choose one of these dimensions to complement your feed’s overall style. The best Instagram video dimension is portrait (4:5) as it maximizes vertical space for mobile viewing.

Magically Resize

Save time and resize your square videos for Instagram stories and IGTV. Repurpose your videos for any placement with the click of a button.

Create a square video for your Instagram feed, then resize to portrait for your Instagram story or IGTV. There's no need to start from scratch, you'll save loads of time by repurposing your Instagram video for any ad placement. Instagram recommends in-feed video ads in either landscape or square formats. Our crop-to-fill feature means you can transform any size footage into the format you choose.

Step 1

Pick a template that suits your video purpose

Browse Clipchamp’s library to find a template for Instagram feed videos that suits your purpose. Most often, this would be related to your industry such as fashion, ecommerce, real estate, or a purpose such as promos, tutorials, vlogs and more. Pick an Instagram video template that helps tell your story and customise it in the editor.

Step 2

Upload your footage and audio

Whether you’re using one of Clipchamp’s Instagram templates, or starting from scratch, you can upload your own brand footage and audio to completely personalise the Instagram video. Once you’ve added your content, you can play around with transitions, effects and titles to complete your video.

Step 3

Add your custom branding

Put the final touches on your Instagram video by adding your logo. Once you’ve uploaded your logo, you can change the size, positioning and use it across multiple video projects. Having your logo in the corner of your video as well as in your outro ensures your brand is seen and recognised.

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Plan your feed with our beautiful Instagram Post Video Templates

Find Instagram story templates, music video templates, video montage templates and more in our templates library.

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Clipchamp Guide

The Ultimate Guide to Instagram Videos

Find out everything you need to know about Instagram video lengths, resolutions, formats and styles in our Ultimate Guide to Instagram Videos. We cover each placement including in-feed ads, stories, carousel ads and more, plus a template to help you get started.

Add music to Instagram Videos

Add music to instagram videos by choosing from one of our royalty-free tracks in the stock library, or uploading one of your own songs. Use a music background video and sync your track to your footage.

Instagram Filters Online

Choose from one of our Instagram filters to make your video pop! From greyscale to glitch, you can transform and adjust the colors of your video to fit your Instagram feed’s theme. Hit play and watch while you adjust colours and filters in real time.

Add text to video

Choose from our range of groovy text animations to add captions to your Instagram video. You can resize, change the positioning and adjust the colours to suit your Instagram theme.

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We’re here to help

Clipchamp is simplifying the Instagram video making process. We’ve made it easier than ever to trim, add text, filters and music with our drag and drop timeline editor. What’s more, you can transform any landscape video footage into a portrait video for Instagram Stories and IGTV. Watch a quick tutorial to learn more.

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