About Milind Mehta

Milind Mehta is an actor, emcee, and voiceover artist with experience in the field of video production. He likes everything quirky and original. He writes to share his knowledge and put a smile on your face.

Articles by Milind Mehta

How to start a video podcast

June 16, 2022
Do you want to start a video podcast but need more advice? Whether you’re a podcaster…

YouTube Shorts—Ultimate guide and video ideas

November 9, 2021
YouTube has launched a new type of short-form video content—YouTube Shorts. This…

How to create a stop motion video in Clipchamp

May 29, 2021
What is a stop motion video and how can you create a stop motion video using a video…

Going live or posting selfie videos? Remember these tips!

May 29, 2021
If you're a creator looking to reach out to your audience to build stronger connections…

Best mics for every YouTube video category

April 29, 2021
Remember when you heard a cackle in your headphone while watching a video and abandoned…

Twitter Moment ideas for any business

March 29, 2021
Twitter is a powerful conversation hub and catalyst for global trends. It’s also…

What is aperture?

March 29, 2021
What is aperture and how can you use it correctly to create brilliant photographs…

What is the rule of thirds? How do you use the rule of thirds?

March 15, 2021
When you compare a photograph or video clicked by a professional photographer with…

How to download Twitch clips to make YouTube videos

March 7, 2021
Twitch is one of the most sought-after platforms for live video streaming today with…

Getting started with YouTube SEO—small business guide

March 2, 2021
Every minute 300 hours of videos are uploaded on YouTube. Do you feel like every…

How to add watermark logo to social media videos for your business

February 25, 2021
What is a watermark logo? Why is it important to add a watermark of your business…

How to merge video files online—fast and easy

February 24, 2021
Looking for a way to quickly merge two videos without leaving your browser? Clipchamp’s…

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