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Youtube Podcasts & Video Podcasting - Ultimate Guide for Beginners

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Podcast! It's the word of 2020. Podcasts have been working like a charm for content creators and industry professionals alike this year. It is a brilliant medium to get your views out in the open and connect to a niche or large audience. Podcasts today can be about anything and everything, ranging from politics to philosophy to tech and more. However, if you want to join the trend of podcasting now, Video Podcasting on Youtube is the way to go.

Video podcasts are a new opportunity and we wouldn’t want you to miss out on the fun! In this article, we’re going to walk you through the process of starting your podcast with video. We’ll help answer:

  • What is a Youtube Podcast?

  • How can video podcasts help your video and personal brand? 

  • How to start a Youtube Podcast 

  • How to promote video podcasts on social media to gain followers

What is a Youtube Podcast?

A Youtube Podcast is a Video Podcast distributed on Youtube's platform. Is it that simple?

Yes and No.

A Youtube Podcast can be either a podcast showcasing an Audio visualizer or it can be an audiovisual recording.

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With new norms of staying at home more, Youtube has seen an upsurge in the number of podcasts on its platform. It has witnessed both established podcasters and popular Youtubers starting their podcasts to increase their reach. Right now, Youtube is no longer just a video-centric platform. 

How can video podcasts help your video and personal brand? 

Once your Video Podcast is up and running with a decent reach, you can easily have sponsors running after you for brand collaborations and plugins!

Having said that, let's look at some examples of Youtube Podcasts that have been on top of their game.

LivBay Lash 

Mike and Shauna Jones run a Lash company in Las Vegas with numerous stores as well as an established e-commerce business under the name of LivBay Lash. Their Video Podcasts educate people about eyelash extensions while providing quality tips and tutorials related to the industry. 

The videos have become a great way for them to reach out, educate, and in turn boost their brand as well as interest to their business. 


Media guru Gary Vaynerchuk’s Video Podcasts are an extension of his multiple brands. In his podcasts, he talks to people from a different areas of expertise. They discuss various topics revolving around entrepreneurship, social media, and marketing. 

His podcasts are simultaneously recorded in both Audio and Video format. The best part is this provides him a wide range of snippets from the long format podcasts that keep the listeners motivated and hooked.

Benefits of having a Youtube Podcast

Youtube is the number one site for web traffic worldwide with approximately 8.6 billion monthly visits giving podcasters a wonderful platform to expand their reach. It's combined with the most used search engine and its features can help you get direct feedback from your audience in the form of direct engagement in comments or analytics. That’s why there are benefits to creating a Youtube Podcast. 

What to consider before starting a Youtube Podcast  

Before considering starting a Youtube Podcast you should keep in mind that you’ll have to put in a good amount of effort and resources for your channel to grow. Many Youtubers say new Youtubers should be prepared for low listener engagement but will eventually start getting enough ROI. 

In comparison to an audio only podcast, the costs of starting a Video Podcast on Youtube are higher as viewers expect a certain quality of video as well as audio on Youtube. 

How to start a Youtube Podcast 

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Start with a Script

Before moving full steam ahead, the first step is to put down your thoughts in a form of a script that forms the skeleton or talking points of your podcast.

This allows you to set the tone and feel of the show while creating a natural flow that helps you stay focused so that you put across the message with more clarity. 

Also, having a script doesn't necessarily mean that the podcast needs to be a word-to-word reading, it can be as casual and candid as you want it to be. 

Equipment Set-Up

To start a Youtube Podcast, you’ll need some podcasting gear like a microphone, headphones, pop filter as well as a camera (laptop or professional). Some ring lights can amp up your production value. 

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You can purchase two cameras for intercuts or in case you have multiple speakers joining in the different angles would help to create depth. 

You can have additional props to your background to separate and highlight the subject in the foreground – you!


After you are ready with your setup, you would want to warm up your vocals and record while following the script. Check the lights, camera, and sound for a quick test and remember to be natural.

You would want to record your podcast in a quiet room while adding acoustic tiles to help cut down the “reverb”, which is caused by sound reflected from the walls or furniture in your room. 

While you can choose not to look at the camera, it’s highly advisable to look directly into the camera when addressing the audience to create a sense of connection. Once ready, hit record on your audio-video equipment and get going. Using podcast recording software is highly recommended to make sure that you will have crystal clear audio." after " Once ready, hit record on your audio-video equipment and get going. 


Once you are done with deciding the method of recording you can work on the file using Clipchamp. If you are going forward with using just your audio, you can make it more engaging by using an Audio Visualiser.

You can also record your screen using a screen recorder and add the clip in our easy timeline.


Once you are through with the workflow and have locked in your final edit you can export your Video Podcast to upload it on Youtube.

Pro tip: The quality of your video editing plays a major role in the engagement and audience retention in your Youtube Podcasts. To create a professional-looking video podcast in minutes, try Clipchamp! Our video editor is the best free video podcast software that requires no download to edit your video podcast. It’s easy to use and is packed with features like motion titles, filters, transitions, access to 800k+ stock of audio and visuals.

Can You Monetise your Youtube Podcasts? 

Yes, you can Monetise Podcasts on Youtube provided that reach 1000 subscribers, as well as get upto 4000 watch hours on your videos over 12 months while complying with Youtube’s policies and guidelines. 

Keep in mind if you are adding any music it must be copyright-free. We recommend using royalty-free music or getting permission to use the music for your Youtube channel.

How to promote video podcasts on social media to help gain followers

Promoting podcasts on social media has never been so exciting as Clipchamp makes it super easy to edit video highlights from your podcast to put up as “micro-content” that leads up to your video podcasts. 

Cross-posting or cross-promoting on all your social networking sites with links to your Youtube Podcasts is a great way of diverting all your traffic towards your channel.

Doing this you will not only inculcate the practice of editing and posting regularly but shall also boost your podcast awareness and help you gain followers.

Collaborate with other podcasters

Another good way of growing your Youtube Podcast is by collaborating with those who are already established in the community. Consider inviting an influential guest with a strong social media presence to have a candid conversation or share their expertise with you.

This can help you deliver and tap into a vast area of discussion but shall also keep the viewers and listeners hooked alike. 

Collaborate for Podcasts - Youtube Podcasts & Video Podcasting - Ultimate Guide for Beginners - Clipchamp Video Ediotr Blog

The guest speaker or the collaboration is most likely to encourage cross-posting bringing in new subscribers with every new podcast.

Collaborations also boost your visibility on the platform as Youtube is most likely to recommend your video to audiences that consume similar content. 

Interact with your audience

We encourage interacting with your audience in the comments and building a community around your content. This makes the listeners feel familiar and they’ll want them to keep coming back to your channel. Answering your Direct Messages, e-Mail, and being prompt on Social Media gets you brownie points as your audience feels your presence. 

Apart from the increased engagement, this also shows how your podcasts are performing and what the subscribers are enjoying listening to.

Sometimes, your audience feeds in the kind of content they want to watch on your channel through suggestions in the comments section. Interaction provides clarity of what works and what doesn’t work for you. In case you’re embedding podcast episodes directly within your blog posts - you can explore plugins such as Fusebox Podcast Player.

And that’s how to start a Youtube Podcast!

Explore how Clipchamp can make it easy to create exciting podcast videos in this step by step guide.

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