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How Video Storyboards Create Great Marketing Results For A Business

Posted January 28, 2021
Written by Milind Mehta

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A little bit of planning can go a long way in creating impactful videos for your brand and business. The best place to get started on creating a marketing video for your business is at the ideas tables, putting together a video storyboard.

Video storyboarding is a straight-forward way to plan how to produce and edit your video scene by scene. Let's explore how using a storyboard can set you up for success.

  • What is a Storyboard?

  • Why should you use a Storyboard for Marketing Videos? 

  • Benefits of Storyboards in Marketing Teams

Drawing the Marketing Storyboard - How Video Storyboards Create Great Marketing Results For A Business - Clipchamp Blog

What is a storyboard?

A storyboard is a shot-by-shot visual breakdown in form of a sketch of what every scene in your video will look like. It is a sketch of what’s in the frame that will get captured during the shoot and contains a detailed outline of what’s in each shot.

They can include directions for your camera work that would later help you execute your video smoothly. 

Today, the art of Storyboarding has evolved from being static hand-drawn sketches to including now with sound effects, voice-overs, animations, and much more. 

Not sure where to start? A storyboard template makes it easier for the creatives, crew, and non-creatives to be on the same page and have a clear idea of each shot. A good Storyboard template is detailed and easy to follow.

Storyboarding sketch - How to Storyboard brand video for marketing-Clipchamp blog

Why should you use a Storyboard for Marketing Videos?

Whether you work in a marketing team of two or twenty, a storyboard is essential to make sure the ideas for the video are being executed as per plan. Usually, ideas for the video can come through brainstorming personally and or working with team members to contribute to it.

A well-planned brand marketing video stands out as the effort and detailing is visible once the final video is made. The results depend on the research, the team effort, and the final execution.

Storyboards can act as a source of truth and a reference point as they lock in the vision for the video across the business and all the departments involved in the project. As the storyboard contains everything that should go into your final video, it saves a lot of time and energy. More importantly, this saves a lot of money if you're on a tight budget as you'll remember to get all the important shots for your video.

Benefits of Storyboards in Marketing Teams 


A storyboard can be made with the help of inputs from multiple stakeholders and departments. This process demands collaborative efforts from a team which in turn leads to everyone having a clear idea of what they’re going ahead with. 


As a storyboard is still a part of the pre-production of a video, it makes it easier to point out a change or an error and fix it, rather than taking action later. Prevention is better than cure!

Easy Workflow 

When every frame of your storyboard is detailed, you can make the transition from sketch to video stress-free. The fact that a Storyboard eases the process of creating a Marketing Video can’t be argued upon. 

Problem Solving

As it is designed as a team, it can also be used by the whole team as a point of reference in the process of video editing. If your business would like to get the video approved by different stakeholders, attaching the storyboard will facilitate a better discussion should there be any problems. Basically, anyone who refers to the storyboard should be on the same page as the rest.

Storyboard to Screen

The demand for video-related content from marketers is increasing. If the benefits of using a storyboard sound compelling to you, this is a perfect time to take the next step and learn How to Create a Storyboard to ensure maximum attention of your viewers. 

Take a look at this video that showcases a storyboard and the final output side by side:


If you'd like to understand how storyboards are used in film production, here's a bonus video from the Lords of the Rings trilogy which compares storyboard to screen!

Storyboards improve how your video marketing works!

Get started and create a storyboard for your marketing video. We're sure you'll notice how even the most complex shoots will get executed in the blink of an eye! 

Try Clipchamp's storyboard templates if you're looking for inspiration and get started on creating great marketing results through your brand videos.

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