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Going live or posting selfie videos? Remember these tips!

Posted May 30, 2021
Written by Milind Mehta

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If you're a creator looking to reach out to your audience to build stronger connections, live video is great for you! Producing a live video can be intimidating as it sounds like it would require a lot of prep and rehearsal. That's why we're covering all the right angles for you.

Read on to find out how to take a perfect selfie video and how to create amazing videos using a video editor.

Man live streaming and posting selfie videos

What is a selfie video?

A selfie video is a self-recorded video generally using the front camera of your smartphone. Just like a self-portrait picture, selfie videos are also preferably taken in a vertical format to fit in across multiple social media platforms and smartphone screens. 

How to take a good selfie video? 

Believe it or not, a lot of planning goes behind your favorite celebrity’s perfect selfie video. To take a good quality selfie video, you need to remember some handy tips.

We've made a list of some no-brainer and not so obvious things for you to remember:

The right camera

The source from which you record your selfie video matters a lot. The iPhone 12 vs DSLR debate shall continue but you need to choose what works for you.

Your smartphone’s camera should at least record FULL HD videos to get the best quality output and make the most of social media platforms.

The vertical selfie videos that you upload on any social media platform appear best when shot in 1920 X 1080 FULL HD resolution. Psst..learn more about video resolutions here.

Getting the angles right

To nail an aesthetic selfie video, you need to get the correct angles. You should be facing the light while facing the camera while keeping your smartphone above eye level. This helps the audience connect to you faster because they feel close to you. 

You need to set the frame of your selfie video using the rule of thirds to get a properly balanced video. 


While taking a selfie video, you must make sure that there is enough light on you. If you don't have a good amount of natural daylight then you can opt to use an artificial LED light such as a ring light.

Young woman taking a selfie using a ring flash as a fill light at a sunset with a view over river - selfie video tips

Using lights for your selfie video will make the video vibrant and you will appear presentable. The lack of light might make the audience scroll past your selfie video be it on your social media story, or TikTok and Instagram reels.

You can learn from Will Smith’s selfie announcement video.

Selfie stick

Cringey or not, selfie sticks are must-have tool. A selfie stick acts like an extended arm providing unique visual angles that make the selfie video look appealing. It can provide you a selfie video from a height and you can even swivel your phone around easily to get a dramatic effect. 

The selfie stick is the basic accessory to get yourself. Consider checking out our list of best smartphone camera accessories to make even better videos.  

two smiling girls streaming live

How to edit your selfie video?

Once you’ve recorded your selfie video, you can always make it better with an easy online video editor. There are multiple ways to edit your selfie video to get it right for your social media platform.

Make a montage

You can create a montage highlight of your Instagram Live video to reuse it as a post by editing out the key moments from your live stream. This will feed in the audience that missed out on the live stream.

Edit footage on Clipchamp montage maker

Add some filters

Sometimes our video clips from the same shooting session can appear different from one another because of an imbalance of color. SOlve this easily by using filters. This will create consistency in your profile and uplift the appeal of your video!

Clipchamp add filters to video project.

Text and stickers

Sometimes vertical selfie videos need some text along with stickers to be more eye-catching, expressive and even informative.

If you're adding a snippet of your Facebook live video on your Facebook stories,then you could add a text suggesting the live video to the people.

A strong elevator pitch

Whenever you make a selfie video, you're putting yourself out there. Having a good intro script or pre-edited intro video can help audiences connect better with you, especially if this is the first time they come across your content.

If you're recording the selfie video for more professional purposes like a video resume, check out this guide on how to create a video resume and an amazing elevator pitch to help you land your dream job.

Ready to make your next selfie video?

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