About Ritika Tiwari

Ritika is a tea-loving freelance writer from India who quit her comfy tech job to become a full-time writer. She specializes in tech, B2B, digital marketing, and SaaS writing. 

Articles by Ritika Tiwari

3 ways to reduce awkwardness in virtual meetings and online sales calls

August 22, 2021
Are you tired of the awkward silences and shifty eye contact during virtual meetings…

How your B2B business can leverage webinars to transform sales

August 3, 2021
Does your B2B business want to increase sales and attract long-term customers?  Has…

Top 5 Video Presentation Ideas for your Business

February 3, 2021
We now live in a digital world with a growing remote workforce and an increasing…

How to Vlog in 2021 – Tips for New YouTube Vloggers

January 24, 2021
There is no denying that vlogs are the most popular video content at the moment…

How to Create Leads Online Using Video for Sales Outreach

January 18, 2021
Do you find sales outreach challenging? You're not the only one. When emails are…

How to Reuse Your Webinar Recording to Increase Sales

January 4, 2021
Here's the thing – creating and organizing webinars involves an incredible amount…

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