How to promote after Christmas sales and deals 

Posted December 24, 2021

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Looking to leverage your business once the silly season is over? Make the most out of the end of the year for your retail store or online business with the best after Christmas sales. With shoppers eager to spend their Christmas gift cards, day after Christmas sales can still be profitable for businesses. And with the right tips and tricks, promoting your Boxing Day sales can be hassle-free. 

Read on to explore how to promote the best after Christmas sales with the perfect how to plan and create your next after Christmas sales promotion. 

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How to plan after Christmas sales and promotions

After Christmas sales and Boxing Day sales are some of the last chances businesses get to promote their last season products and make room for the new season.

Before sale stock is sent off to the warehouse or factory outlet, give your shoppers a chance to score a bargain by planning an engaging and informative after Christmas sale promotion. 

1. Start planning before the holiday season

Even though the holiday season might not be approaching for a while, it’s time to plan your after Christmas sale experience. Just like Black Friday sales, Cyber Monday, and Singles’ Day sales, Boxing Day sales are just as important to plan. Form a sales strategy, how your business is going to promote Boxing Day sales this year, what platforms to promote on, and which items will be going on sale. No one wants to be stressed on Christmas Eve preparing for a big sale event, so check out the inventory in advance and be prepared for the sale mayhem. 

2. Determine unique marketing strategies

Shoppers are most likely sick of being bombarded with traditional holiday ads. Create a unique, attention-grabbing promotion that will keep your customers engaged and wanting more. Big discounts at the start and end of any promo video or ad are always eye-catching. Establish a strong call to action, and make sure it’s extremely easy for customers to click through your ad. Businesses may benefit from promoting many different styles of marketing campaigns that are aimed at different target audiences. 

3. Keep social media up to date

Social media is more popular than ever and is a great way to spread the word about your after Christmas sale, fast, and for free. Users are most likely having a break from work over the holiday season and connecting with long-distance friends and family. So, they’re more active on social media, giving after Christmas sales promotions more of an opportunity to be seen. Businesses can also keep up to date with comments, likes, and shares to see how their target audience is responding to their upcoming sale. 

4. Take advantage of previous sales data

There’s no better way to plan an after Christmas sale event than by gathering data from past sales and deals. Marketers and businesses can establish what promotions worked, what customers didn’t like, how much customers are willing to spend, and which items or products have been the most successful. This data can be used to create a well-planned after Christmas sales campaign and eliminate the guesswork involved.

After Christmas sales marketing ideas 

Take a look at some of the easiest and most effective ways to promote day after Christmas sales. 

1. Customer experience

Many gift recipients will receive online or in-store gift cards for Christmas, especially if they can’t celebrate in person this year. So, with a flood of shoppers ready to approach your Boxing Day sales, make sure your online or retail store is sale-ready as well. 

Consider taking down Christmas decorations, changing the background music, and discard of any December promotional signage. This will give your in-person and online store a fresh and exciting new look. Website banners can promote after Christmas sales and discount codes, or reveal the latest new year offers. Shoppers have most likely browsed your store before the Christmas rush, so changing the atmosphere can persuade them to look around some more. 

2. Video marketing strategy

Whether you’re promoting on social media, via email, TV ads, or through influencers, video marketing is a must-have for all businesses this Boxing Day sales. Engage potential customers with video, providing them value and beneficial after Christmas sale information. They’re ideal for attention-grabbing and perfect for showcasing your brand's personality, products, and sales. 

Tell your story, brand's purpose, and rank on any search engine first with promo videos. Create captivating business promo videos that drive sales without leaving your web browser. All you have to do is pick a video template, drag, drop, add a call to action, and edit with Clipchamp’s free online video editor.

3. After Christmas sales meme

Knowing what makes customers laugh can create a more meaningful relationship between a brand and its target audience. Humor is impactful and memorable to customers, so creating a light-hearted after Christmas sales meme is one of the easiest ways to showcase your sale. Just be sure to add a strong call to action alongside your meme in the post description. Every day, users are becoming more ad-averse. So, swap your usual video marketing strategy for something a little less conventional. All you Christmas do is choose a template and create an on-brand meme with Clipchamp’s free meme generator

4. Markdown products sooner

Businesses don’t have to wait until January to markdown soon to be sale items. Give your customers more time to shop by marking down your stock for Boxing Day sales. Boxing Day is straight after Christmas after all. By reducing existing stock sooner rather than later with proper order management, entices your customers to get in quickly so they don’t miss out. It also leaves room for new stock to arrive and further sales to happen. 

5. Include discount codes in pre-Christmas orders

While you have shoppers' attention, add a discount code, gift card, or free shipping in their recent order that can be used during Boxing Day sales. An attractive, personalized discount code might just be the key to future purchases. Including an incentive in past orders gives loyal customers an incentive to come back, and purchase during low traffic periods.

6. Personalized email marketing

Including video content in your email marketing campaign can increase your open rate by 19%, increase click-throughs by 65% and reduce unsubscribes by 26%. From animated GIFs to video infographics, and cinematographic videos, personalized video emails can increase your EDM engagement and offer a 280% higher return than traditional emails. Making video an ideal email strategy for businesses to score extra revenue this Boxing Day sales. Make sure to add a strong call to action to the end of the video and email text. If you’re not sure how to use video marketing for email, check out our how-to blog

7. Run a post-holiday contest

Online and in-store contests are a fun addition to the holiday season. Encourage customers to post pictures of themselves with, using, or wearing your products, to receive a gift, discount code, free shipping, or a small prize. Customers love competitions, especially if there is a prize involved. They’re also giving businesses free advertising. 

Let the best after Christmas sales begin!

It’s time for businesses to get creative and showcase their after Christmas sales event bigger and better than ever before. Here's a quick bonus tip for creativity: you and your team can only be as creative as your moods allow. There is a link between how you feel and how creative you are, so make sure your working environment is a happy, stress-free area!

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